Cover causes controversy

Dear Editor:
My name is Jill Beretta. I am a Fashion Merchandising student at Fanshawe College, and I have felt very blessed to attend this school. My program is relevant and interesting, and the professors are incredible. I find that everyone at the school really cares about my academic success on a personal level, which is a tremendous gift.

I was interested in writing a fashion piece for the paper, but I am now unsure. It would be great to develop my fashion writing skills, but do I want to contribute or be associated to a publication that features flying penises and sex toys on the cover? Not so much. When I was guided to pick up Interrobang to read on my ride home yesterday, I was shocked and appalled at this cover that looks like pornography. I wanted to regurgitate. I made sure that no one saw me with the cover of that paper on the bus. Is that raunchy cover really a message you want to send the world about Fanshawe as an academic institution? I thought Fanshawe was classier than this. The cover is unfortunate because there are some decent, informative articles in the Interrobang, and the current cover does not reflect this true fact whatsoever. I will definitely expect and look forward to cleaner, more stylish, and more appropriate Interrobang covers in the future!

Jill Beretta

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