Reel Views: Top 10 back to school movies

It's back to school time yet again, and just in case you're already feeling the stress of classes and homework, here are the 10 best movies about school to help you unwind at the end of a long school day.

10. The 400 Blows
A young Parisian boy who is grossly neglected by his parents at home has a difficult time staying out of trouble at school in this French New Wave coming-of-age film.

9. Good Will Hunting
Will Hunting is a janitor at the prestigious MIT, and when he solves a complicated equation that has been an insurmountable challenge to the students, a professor must figure out how to help Will overcome his psychological issues in order to realize his full potential in life.

8. An Education
Jenny is a teenaged schoolgirl in 1960s England and is desperate to grow up and see the world. She falls in love with David and through him learns more about life than she ever could have imagined.

7. Charlie Bartlett
Charlie Bartlett has issues, but he has enough ingenuity to put them to good use. Charlie cons various prescriptions through his doctor, effectively becoming his school's oneman pharmacy.

6. The Breakfast Club
When a rag-tag group of highschoolers, each a different archetypal teenager, find themselves stuck together for detention, they slowly open up to one another and find they have more in common than they would have suspected.

5. Dead Poets Society
A group of boys at a New England prep school in the 1950s find inspiration through their unlikely new English professor and his love of poetry.

4. Animal House
This classic frathouse comedy follows the endeavors of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity and their hijinks to keep the college's Dean from interfering with their fun.

3. Old School
When middle-aged Mitch, Frank and Beanie become disenchanted with how their lives have turned out, they band together and try to recreate their glory days of college life.

2. Battle Royale
You know how irritated you can get with your classmates sometimes? Just imagine how much you would hate them if, like the students in Battle Royale, you were imprisoned on an island and embattled in a fight to the death where only the last one alive is allowed to leave the island.

1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Bueller. Bueller. Bueller. Follow Ferris through his ingenious schemes and plots to get just one day off from school in this sidesplitting comedic classic about taking some time for yourself.