Fun and Fitness: Thinking about a gym membership?

Hello Fanshawe and welcome to the 2011/12 academic year! The summer semester is notorious for quiet, ghostly hallways and minimal activity around the college. The same applies to the J building, home to the Fanshawe College Community Fitness Centre. Needless to say, our fitness staff are geared up and excited to play host to thousands of equally excited students looking to physically engage themselves!

We've had hundreds of parents and students calling with regards to membership pricing, services and general inquiries. Chances are, if you're reading this, you may be hoping for the same answers. Our memberships are sold on a semester basis; the fall semester running from September until January is priced at $144.64. Purchasing the full year from September until May will cost $289.28. In terms of breakdown, it is based off of $32 a month.

If you do some quick math, you will notice that purchasing the entire year up front does not save you any money. It does however allow you to pay on a monthly basis, which you can find more details about at the J building front desk. On that note, we typically recommend that students buy a one-semester membership and then simply renew in the winter semester at the same price. Think of it like having a shorter cell phone contract for the same price. It's a no-brainer.

Once signed up, you are entitled to an equipment orientation and program design. We will get you acquainted with the facility and all of the equipment. We will also set you up with a personal program based on your goals, schedule and limitations. If you feel you don't need these services, you can simply decline them. All aerobics classes become available to you as well, which range from pilates to spinning classes and a few new surprise additions from popular demand.

Throughout the semester I will keep you updated on services and due dates. We don't offer free student guest trials but we do offer is a guest pass fee of $5.50 and issue a seven-day receipt. This means that you can try out the facilities for the day and if you decide that you do want to purchase a membership within seven days, simply present your receipt and we will deduct that $5.50 from the membership price. It's our way of presenting students with an economical way of testing it out before paying the standard membership rate.

We look forward to seeing many new as well as familiar faces!