The best career choices are based on an honest appraisal of who you really are. This includes what you do well, the things you want from life and how you can best match all this to the current and future needs of an employer.

Before an employer calls you for an interview, they want to know what you, over anyone else, can do for them. So, make sure your covering letter and resume clearly identify your unique combination of skills and abilities as they relate to the position you are applying for. You should be able to describe your skills under a number of headings.

The Conference Board of Canada has developed the following list of "Employability Skills" for Canadians based on dialogue with employers regarding their needs and expectations.

Academic Skills provide the basic foundation to get, keep and progress in a job and achieve the best results.

- Communication, understanding, speaking and writing effectively in the languages in which the business is conducted.

- Thinking critically and acting logically to evaluate situations, solve problems and make decisions.

- Using technology, instruments, tools and information systems effectively.

- Learning, a commitment to life long learning.

Personal Management Skills are a combination of skills, attitudes and behaviours.

- Positive attitude and behaviours, self-esteem and confidence as well as honesty, integrity and personal ethics. Initiative, energy and the persistence to get the job done.

- Responsibility, setting goals and priorities in work and in your personal life. Planning and managing time, money and other resources to achieve goals. Accountability for your actions.

- Adaptability, possessing a positive attitude towards change. Identifying and suggesting new ideas to get the job done.

Teamwork Skills are those needed to work with others on a job and to achieve the best results.

- Working with others, understanding and contributing to the organization's goals. Planning and making decisions with others and supporting the outcomes. Exercising the ability to "give and take" to achieve group results or when appropriate leading the group to high performance.

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