Food for Thought: Spectacular spring spots to dine in London

Some new culinary establishments have popped up in downtown London this spring. Their timing is perfect too, as the days get warmer and people of all ages start enjoying the sights and shops of Richmond Row.

Here are a few delightful new additions that are sure to intrigue your senses:

YoYo'sYoYo's frozen yogurt and smoothies make a refreshing stop along the down Richmond Street. Located only a couple of blocks from Marble Slab, this healthy alternative will give the Slab a run for its money this summer! With serve-yourself frozen yogurt in a variety of flavours, a buffet of fruits, chocolates and other loved toppings and a funky colourful atmosphere, YoYo's has become one of my favourite indulgences this year. As for the price, it's all done by weight; so if you have a tight budget, top it with the lighter stuff like marshmallows, coconut and sponge toffee!

Braise is a recently opened restaurant on Dundas, between Talbot and Richmond. This swanky new heavy-hitter of local eating establishments not only provides an inspiring menu of ethically conscious dishes, but also intrigues the visual senses with a sleek interior designed using recovered woods and materials from the original building.

The food, wine menu and dcor all promise a good night for any date or event, although an expensive one.

Veg Out is not a new restaurant, but one of my favourite mentions none-the-less. I thought I might throw this one in here because Veg Out has just begun their new summer menu, which is full of new deliciously meatless dishes and some favourites from the old menu. I definitely recommend giving this restaurant a try even if you are an omnivore like I am. The patio at Veg Out is a great spot to people watch on Richmond Row (right across from Barney's) and their fresh juices make a refreshing cocktail on hot summer days. Their food is fabulous and satisfyingly proportioned, and extremely economical. The homemade desserts are also a musttry and are so delicious it's hard to believe they're vegan!

So, if you find yourself wandering the streets of downtown London this spring and your stomach starts to growl, I suggest you head in one of these three directions! Whether you are looking for fine dining elegance, a fun and ethical eatery or a quick fix for a cold craving; Braise, Veg Out and YoYo's are sure to please!