Food for Thought: Nutrition Month: being mindful of a mouthful

March is nutrition month, which means it's time to watch what we are eating and cut back on all the indulgences of the winter season. As a student of the food and nutrition management program, this means this month is the perfect time to spread my knowledge and educate people about the effects foods may have on their bodies (for good or for bad). This is why the students of food and nutrition management have been setting up some nutrition related displays in A-building this week to share some of the information we have learned throughout the year.

For the rest of the month, the students will also be fundraising for a local charity by selling healthy homemade granola with yogurt for a dollar. To support this cause and get an affordable and nutritious snack, come by Olive Oyles Deli located in A-building where they will be selling the granola and yogurt for the rest of the March.

Why is granola and yogurt healthy?
1. Fibre! Granola contains tons of oats, which are jammed packed with soluble and insoluble fibre. While the soluble fibre acts as a nice gel to help your food pass with ease, the insoluble fibre bulks it up and helps to make things move. You can think about it if you want, but it's easier to just take my word for it.

2. Dried fruits also contain lots of fibre, but the drying process can also saturate some of the nutrients in the fruit (while depleting others). Dried fruit will saturate the fruit sugars, which is a great and natural way to get a little energy boost throughout the day.

3. Nuts are a wonderful source of some good fats and protein.

4. Probiotics found in yogurt can be a treat for the lovely little bacteria friends that live in your tummy. Probiotics are an active bacteria culture that works with the bacteria in your intestines to digest and keep things in check. They also love fibre, so the combo works great.

Granola and yogurt is just one of the healthy snacks that can replace the junk food you may have been eating all winter. This month is the perfect month to turn a new leaf in your diet, right between the comfortable bundling of winter and the bikini days of summer. Now's the time to start working toward that tank-top and short-short goal, and you can do it by eating lots of fruit, popcorn or pretzels instead of chips, French fries and other deep-fried foods. Water, tea and unsweetened juices should replace the sugary pops and fruit drinks to cut down on calories.

Simple adjustments like these can help you make nutrition month and beyond a great leeway into summer. Don't forget exercise is just as important as diet, so whatever you do, get moving!