Life's Like That: Six steps to help you stay hangover free

St. Patrick's day is by far one of my favourite times of the year, what with all the parties, cute costumes and accessories (one of my personal favourites is flashy green bow ties). As much as I wish St. Patty's meant a day off school it doesn't; therefore you're left with one of three options: no drinking in order to make class, drink and run the risk of missing class or drink, suck it up and go to class with the dreaded hangover.

I am one of those people who is planning to drink and make it to class; however I DO NOT intend to have a hangover. By following this tips you can follow in my foot steps in having an amazing green beer night experience, while still making it to class WITHOUT the hangover. Hope these help you as much as I know they have helped me.

1. Before drinking: Try drinking lots of water before heading out the door and throughout the night. Also a little Pepto Bismol or milk will coat your tummy and make whatever drinks you decide to consume sit a little sounder through your evening.

2. Never drink on an empty stomach: While you drink, continue to eat a little something, this will help decrease the amount of alcohol that is absorbed. Bar foods and all-night diners are available for a reason. Change up your drinks with water. For every one alcoholic drink you consume drink one or two non-alcoholic drinks. This could be water or fruit juices or a Shirley Temple.

hungover couple

3. Be aware of the darker spirits or wine: Darker spirits and red wines are known to contain more congeners than lighter spirits and white wines. These are brutal chemicals contained in the alcohol. They won't even start to break down and let you feel more alive until your body has first processed the ethanol (alcohol) in your system. The cheaper the spirit or wine, the more congeners it will contain. Red wine also contains tyramine which can lead to hangovers. Stay away from cheap red wine! Or anything really dark unless your ready to pay.

4. Vitamin C And Vitamin B Complex: I'm telling you now pop one of these vitamins before drinking or at least before your head hits the pillow. Make sure you follow up in the a.m. with some more Vitamin C in the form of a pill or better yet an orange or tangerine. The $10 you'll spend on vitamins is a better investment than any green pint!

5. Don't be dumb by mixing too many drinks: Don't get me wrong I'm all for selection. One or two shots mixed in with a few green pints won't be what puts my head in a bucket. The trick to mix and matching is to keep it simple and semi infrequent. For the most part try and stick to a main drink. When you're in bed and not facing a bucket you'll be glad you listened.

6. Stay AWAY from Tylenol, aspirin and any kind of ibuprofen: This sounds a little weird considering these medicines are awesome to use in times of a headache. However, look at it this way, these meds are really harsh on your liver that's already not a number one fan of you right now since it's already struggling with the alcohol its helping to digest from the evening before.

I hope by sharing a few of my quick tips you're not only able to have an amazing St. Patty's day but you also make it to class hangover-free. Remember, use your brain and be safe.

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