Local Business Profile - At Your Door: At your service

Have you ever had a time when you really just didn't feel like getting-up to go out and get those groceries or pick-up some drinks to help ease you through your weekend? Well, you can put those thoughts at ease and let At Your Door delivery service do all the work for you and the best part is you don't even have to lift a finger.

At Your Door is a little over three years young and delivers beer and liquor products primarily, but also convenience products like variety store items. They offer city-wide delivery at low flat rates: six dollars if paying by cash, seven if you are paying via debit or credit card and it's an additional two dollars on top of those prices if they have to stop at two different spots or more.

Susan Keast, owner of At Your Door, says they are different than other delivery services for a number of reasons.

“We're very conscious of the kids not driving and being responsible when they're drinking, we do check ID...we always check ID...and we're pretty quick”.

At Your Door's delivery hours follow the same hours as beer and liquor stores and they are a year-round delivery service. So the next time you don't really feel like going and getting that case of beer or bag of chips for that party...let At Your Door do it for you.

For more information call 519-659-6868.