Meals for $25 or less: Veg Out - satisfying anyone with a low budget and a large appetite

My friend and I didn't think this little Richmond-row restaurant would be so packed for a late Sunday brunch on Super Bowl Sunday. Yet Veg Out, a friendly little vegan restaurant with an eclectic decor and all natural feel was packed. They use fair trade, local and organic products as much as possible, so they are extremely ethical.

The atmosphere is very earthy, kicked up with a lot of funky artwork. The large window at the front of the restaurant provides plenty of natural light and the stained glass atop the window adds a bit of elegance. The single wait staff was very casual and friendly, even when they were overly busy like we witnessed.

Veg Out seems like the perfect place to take a friend for lunch or dinner.

a veg dish

The brunch menu has a very appealing selection, with a little something for everyone. There are salads for the truly fresh-food enthusiast, French toast for someone with a sweet tooth, scrambled eggs or tofu “fish and chips” for those who normally enjoy the traditional proteins served at breakfast. The menu at Veg Out doesn't change very often, but they do offer specials every so often and have special events during holidays and throughout the year. They also offer a drink menu with freshly made juices, smoothies, fresh juice martinis and quality local beers, along with a fine selection of teas and fair trade coffee.

I ordered the Sesame Soba Bowl with a side salad that I upgraded to an avocado salad for $1.50 extra. It was well worth the money. The avocado salad is a beautiful medley of fresh greens, quinoa, avocado, fresh vegetables, dates and an olive oil and lemon dressing. My soba noodles were resting in a pool over delicious sauce, with some slightly overcooked vegetables and tofu on top. I was a little disappointed in the amount of oil slathered on my noodles, but the flavour was superb and by the end of the meal I was full.

Our server was happy to accommodate any of our requests including my friend's need for gluten free bread. Unfortunately, the organic hot chocolates with coconut whipped cream we ordered were quite the wait, but were delicious and piping hot upon arrival. The chocolate was wonderful and quite the value for only $2.50. In fact, all of the prices on the menu seemed fair and the portion sizes were generous in comparison.

I would definitely go back to Veg Out. I look forward to visiting again in the summer as the patio is the perfect spot to sit with a healthy or alcoholic drink looking over Richmond Street.

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