Career Corner: Make Career Fair 2010 work for you!

Come to J-Gymnasium on Wednesday, February 10, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. to meet employers who will be on campus promoting careers with their companies. Hosted by Fanshawe's career services department, Career and Summer Job Fair 2010 is a chance for you to meet with the many employers who will be on campus to discuss their available full time and summer jobs and future career opportunities. It's also a great way to find out what kind of career you want to pursue. So, how do you make the most of this great opportunity?

Your task at a fair is to meet and talk with employers that interest you. But how should you act? What should you say? Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of a career/job fair.

Before the fair:
- Have your resume ready to hand out or have business cards made up — they're inexpensive and are a good investment.

- Find out what companies will be attending (check out the Career and Summer Job Fair 2010 insert available in the career services office, room F2010).

- Research companies to find out which ones interest you — this will help you decide who to talk to, and your knowledge will impress the recruiters.

- Be prepared to answer basic questions about yourself and your career aspirations.

- Have a list of questions to ask recruiters.

During the fair:
- Make a good first impression. Dress professionally and hand out your business card or resume.

- Go by yourself, not in a group. You want the recruiter to focus on you, not your friends.

- Take time with each representative and be warm, confident and friendly — remember recruiters want to chat and give you information. That's why they are there.

- Don't overstay your welcome — 15 or 20 minutes for each employer. No longer.

- Ask recruiters for their business cards.

- Don't be afraid to visit a recruiter twice if you have some more questions. “Select those employers you feel are worthy of another visit to express your genuine interest,” advised Stephen, a recruiter. “You should be far more knowledgeable at this point.”

After the fair:
- Make notes on each employer.

- Start a file on those companies that interest you.

- If there is a specific job you're interested in, write a follow-up letter. If you hadn't given the recruiter a resume at the event, now's the time to send one.

- Remember — your success at a career or job fair depends on you. They're opportunities for you to stand out and make that very important first impression.

Need assistance to prepare for Career Fair 2010? Why not drop by the Career Services office located in Room D1063, the Career Services staff are available to assist you on an individual basis. Visit the office to arrange an appointment with the consultant responsible for your program or call 519 452-4294. For a listing of job opportunities visit