Students and staff open wallets for Haiti relief efforts

Fanshawe College has decided to partner with World Vision Canada as they continue to raise money for Haiti relief efforts.

According to the marketing department at Fanshawe, the relationship between the college and World Vision Canada, a non-profit organization, is a close one as the individual in charge is a former radio broadcasting and public relations and corporate communications graduate.

Steve Matthews now works as a relief communications manager for World Vision Canada and has been a helping hand with the fundraising at Fanshawe.

Since last week the Fanshawe College bookstore has had in place two barcodes at the cashiers in $2 and $5 denominations, giving students and staff at the college an opportunity to easily contribute in some way to the Haiti relief fund.

According to Dave Smith, retail service manager, Fanshawe College donations for the Haiti relief fund total $1,742 as of Wednesday January 27.

Since the earthquakes that hit Haiti, the conditions in which its people have to live in are incredibly unsanitary, reported World Vision.

World Vision Canada is bringing in much needed supplies such as hygiene kits, blankets, water and shelter materials for the many families who lost everything as a result.

At present, amputation tools and supplies are running low, and World Vision Canada anticipates a significant amount of crutches and braces are going to be needed for earthquake amputees.

For up-to-date information on Haiti and how the nation is slowly starting to get reconstructed, please visit