Life's Like That: Boyfriends or books balancing act

If you're anything like me, you enjoyed your holiday away from classes, readings, projects, papers and tests that makes up only a small fragment of the daily college grind.

Do you remember how great you felt when you put down that pen for the last time last semester? What about the part where you headed towards far more stimulating activities? You know, the activities that included: a lot of free food, quality family time, awesome “back home” friends and maybe just a little too much rum and eggnog.

Those times were great. I had my own carefree schedule. Anyone who has a significant other knows that in a nonrealistic temporary atmosphere it is far easier to spend time with that person. This is because other than “holiday stressors” like seeing Aunt Martha who pinches your cheeks, there really isn't a large amount of stress put on you. Therefore, you're able to enjoy that hottie in your life all that much more. It's easier to enjoy the “moment” when life's responsibilities have been decreased. Everything just seems right in the world, when what you should be doing, want to do, and are doing all align with little to no consequence.

Those times for most of us are gone now. The daily grind is in full motion with tests, classes, jobs and a social life as things we all face. Well don't let the grind take over all of your time with your cutie. I've gathered a few tips that may just help you have it all.

1. DOUBLE DUTY: Start working as a team. Instead of working one sided, start doing the things you “have to get done” together, before you have some fun with each other. An example of this would be to grocery shop together. Helping to clean something and running errands with your hottie also applies. If ever in doubt, remember anything that could be done faster with two people falls under this category. Believe it or not, those boring trips to your hotties bank send a subconscious message that you care about the good, bad and the boring in your hotties life. As we all know people are happier when performing a mundane task isn't done alone.

2. SHIFTING THE SLACK: If you see that your hottie is overloaded doing something of significant importance help them out. This can be achieved by performing tasks ranging from making them a quick dinner to taking out their garbage or maybe just letting their dog out to do its business. Not only are you showing that you care, but you're eliminating one more little task from your hottie's life. This not only puts them in a better mood, but instead of standing and waiting for them to finish all those mundane tasks you can be out the door and on to bigger and better things together.

3. COMMUNICATION NOT DISCRIMINATION: Do not criticize, pressure or make your hottie feel guilty for staying home instead of hooking up. This is to be avoided for two simple reasons: a) The day or night will come where they will want you to give in to their demands when you have something that needs to get done. If you're a violator of this rule prepare to have it used against you at the very moment the tables have turned. Don't be surprised if you hear your name and the word “hypocrite” in the same sentence; and b) Do you really want to catch the blame when the bad mark comes back on a test or be around when they wake up to realize they slept in? Remember your hottie's not happy when they are strong- armed into doing or going somewhere they shouldn't due to time constraints. I've learned if you lay the pressure off, the love tends to stay on. If I could hand you one great tip on communication when time is tight, keep up with your texting. I know it doesn't make things any easier in regards to making time for each other, but a little I love you during the day or the odd XOXO goes along way on the “caring chart.” If you don't have a cell, well that's just cause to get even more creative. Send a Facebook message, or leave a little note somewhere they will get it.

These tips may be small in number but they are mighty in results. Just remember regardless if you're single, in a relationship or are just doing the “friend” thing for now, sometimes it's the most menial tasks, gestures and efforts that mean the most.

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