London police given grant for new command vehicle

London Police Services received a $250,000 grant from the Attorney General Civil Remedies Grant Program.

The money was put towards the purchase of a new mobile command vehicle.

The vehicle replaced an older model officers have been using for the past 18 years, said Const. Amy Phillipo, media relations officer. The purpose of a mobile command vehicle is to act as a mobile home base for police officers when they travel to incidents throughout London. In it, officers will be able to review evidence, have confidential meetings, write their reports and give direction from a centralized location.

This new purchase will be more dependable, and will provide “better accommodation for operational teams,” as well as provide “better flow of information and data,” wrote Phillipo in an email.

It will likely be used for “serious large operational” calls as it will be better equipped to deal with numerous phone calls, increased computer and radio traffic, and multi-agency responses, she added.

The former vehicle had been dispatched in the Fleming and Thurman areas, and the new vehicle will used in a similar manner. But the mobile command vehicle does not “patrol,” said Phillipo. Instead it remains stationary near a situation and provides a safe place for officers to make operational decisions.

The grant program that helped to purchase the vehicle was created under the Civil Remedies Act, which allows money to be taken from wrongdoers. That money then goes toward the prevention of unlawful activities and victimization.