An altercation minutes from campus has left a Fanshawe student with head injuries.

A group of young males confronted a man during the early hours of October 30 that resulted in a physical altercation, leaving the student seriously injured. The confrontation took place in the middle of a roadway on Fleming Drive near Fanshawe's main campus. In the incident the victim was struck in the back of the head with a glass bottle.

Fanshawe College security services said in a brief interview they were relieved to learn the bottle struck where it did and did not leave more serious injury, suggesting that any closer to the temple and the victim may not have been so lucky.

Unfortunately the victim required approximately 40 stitches to the side of his head.

The victim stated in a report that he believes his assailant(s) to also be a student of Fanshawe College.

At this time London Police Services are requesting the assistance of anyone who may have an idea as to what happened on the evening of October 30 to come forward and contact them.

Fanshawe Security Services are also urging members of the community to come forward and do the right thing by helping to identify the perpetrator(s) of what they refer to as a “cowardly act.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Manager, Campus Security Services at 519-452-4404 or to do so anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at (519) 661-8477.