Ash Lee Blade brings 80s metal back

Ash Lee Blade is getting ready to cut loose in the Forest City. The Toronto-based band is making the trip to London later this month, where they will take the stage at Pandemic Nightclub.

Ash Lee BladeJosh Jenkins a.k.a. J.J Blade is the drummer for this 80s metal reprise. He says his band's sound echoes a heavy Iron Maiden/Judas Priest.

“We're trying to bring that music back around, but kind of put it into shorter length songs, basically good time music but definitely metal.”

And this definitely sounds like a good time. With the perfect view from behind the drums, J.J describes the party he sees unfold in front of him every night. Being all about “having a good time on stage and having some drinks,” Ash Lee Blade's appearance seems to be just as essential as their sound.

“Our bass player is called Necro Hippy. He plays with his fingers, he's kind of really like Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) influenced, Cliff Burton (Metallica), that kind of thing. He's kind of a wild man on stage.

“There's our guitar player D.D, he's a real big riff guy,” says the drummer about his Billy Idol identity. “So he's about getting his solos down and all that kind of stuff. He's a really big showoff.

“And then our singer, you kind of just have to see him on stage. He's the epitome of a front man, like a David Lee Rothbut a little more metal than that. [Laughs] He kind of looks like Dave from Staind but wears like white leather pants.”

J.J says their live performance is really important to the band, but it is even more important to make sure that everyone is enjoying the show.

“You know, make sure everyone is there for the right reason. Sometimes you'll get people that are there to be a part of the ‘in-crowd' or something like that. You can spot those people from a mile away, the posers. We're really just trying to make sure everyone is having a good time, so they're not just standing there with their arms crossed.”

If you are a fan of 80s music, and you like the volume turned way up, you most certainly will not have your arms-crossed when these guys are on stage.

Check out Ash Lee Blade at the Pandemic Night Club Friday November 13. How appropriate!