Suspected case of H1N1 involves Fanshawe student

A suspected case of the H1N1 virus also referred to as swine flu, has affected its first person at Fanshawe.

Cameron Chase, a student at the college said that two weekends ago he was not feeling well on his return to school on October 5. Chase paid a visit to the medical clinic on campus, where a doctor who examined him thought it was a virus and sent him home to rest.

Chase said that he knew it wasn't a regular case of food poisoning or the usual stomach flu.

“Last weekend (October 3-4) I had some food from different places so I thought maybe it wasn't agreeing with my stomach maybe it was not really food poisoning but somewhere along those lines. As the week went on it wouldn't leave so I knew I had to see a doctor.”

That's when Chase decided to check-in with his local doctor in his hometown on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, and that's when his family doctor gave him the diagnosis that he had “symptoms consistent with” the H1N1 virus, and was prescribed medication that is helping him recover.

“I am feeling better than I was midway through last week. So the symptoms are fading and the medication is definitely helping.”

Even though he is resting comfortably at home, the college is still urging people who do not feel well to stay at home and rest, this according to Leanne Perrault, manager of corporate communications for the college.

“The huge message is if you feel sick stay home, and we are saying it to staff and saying it to students,” said Perrault. “We have been really working hard to be getting that message across and it seems the message is getting through.”

Once he is feeling better, Chase hopes to return back to campus soon. As of press time, the Middlesex-London Health Unit lab tests have confirmed 14 new flu cases since October 5, three of which are H1N1, and 11 others that are likely the H1N1 virus.

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