HST ready to pick thin student wallets

It is called the Harmonized Sales Tax and if you have not heard of it by now, starting July 1st 2010 you will be feeling it like no other when it's time to pay up a bill. From books at school to regular life needs, from that birth control pill to that used car. The thing that you will be feeling is an eight per cent tax hike.

The HST is the ultimate new ‘dynamic-duo' of PST & GST combined. The Government of Ontario feels like they have a lot to do, and in these tough economic times, the Liberal Government put forth an idea that will cost the Ontario tax payers — YOU AND ME - 400 million dollars to implement this new idea of a tax.

To simplify: GST and PST will be combined and substituted by the HST. From July 1st 2010, which will be the day that you will be celebrating Canada Day, you will also have a secret party to announce that from that point forth, you will be paying eight per cent more on all those little things that you did not need to pay PST before.

However, my fellow students do not worry! The Government says that they feel our pain. With that in mind, they have introduced a tax rebate — which the Government wants you to believe is ‘free money'. After the implementation of the HST, over a period of two years, the Government of Ontario will be sending you three checks that combined will total up to $1000 to help you manage the extra money that you have spent in those two years of paying for that extra eight per cent.

Have they bribed you enough? Or is it time for you to wake up and realize that the way the Government, Provincial or Federal, fix problems is by throwing money around which they do not have. Money that we, the Future of Canada, will have to pay for! Now let me introduce to you once again what we are about.

We are Student Action Movement and we believe that you are the future of Canada. Every day we see more reason of why a Student United Front is required in Canada, because there is no accountability in our Governments. We the students have to realize the importance of our future, of our voices, and the power that we hold in our grasp. We care about Canada and the future of all Canadians. We, however, need your help. Get involved and speak your mind. We are here to listen. Our time is Now!

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