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Fun and Fitness: Spring shape research

Rick Melo | Interrobang | Leisure | March 30th, 2009

How to research your way into shape this Spring

Spring is officially here. It might not always be warm enough to feel like Spring, but the tease show we've been getting lately clearly indicates we're in for something good soon. The first few days of nice weather are always hype. Everyone and their cousins and dogs are out jogging, playing and drinking in the sun. What happens far too often throughout the weeks therein after is that the same people are no longer outside.

It's amazing how quickly some people take ideal weather for granted. It's the same people that end up complaining when Winter-time rolls around again too quick.

It's just about that time of year again for patios, boozing and tanning. Let's not forget it's also time for beach volleyball, tennis and biking!

So get your ass doing the outdoor activities you love to do. Make it a habitual routine, leaving no room for regret while making it one of your best sunny seasons yet. Don't be “that guy” crying come winter time because he spent the whole summer indoors playing Xbox.

But just because it's nice outside doesn't mean you need to take your nose out of the books.

You'd be amazed at how much significant research there is out there on any fitness related topic. You'll be more amazed at how well a lot of this research can answer your every day questions regarding your own fitness.

As a Fanshawe student, you've most likely become familiar with finding review articles and original research papers. As a Fanshawe and University of Guelph student, I have had access to their online libraries. I imagine much hasn't changed, and that Fanshawe's educational online resources have only blossomed.

A big industry as of the last couple decades is the supplement industry. A lot of these products boast some hefty claims which often raises the eyebrow. It's not to say that all of these products are junk because many of them do in fact do what they claim. The point is, the hype of the supplement industry has lead to an infinite amount of products with supposed “scientific research” to back it up. What I'm proposing is that you do some scientific research of your own!

So next time you have a question about fitness related material, see what you can dig up. is a great site that offers many free articles and is also open to the general public. Tune in the next couple weeks and I'll show you how my current professor's research studies have debunked many of the myths regarding caffeine.
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