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News | March 30th, 2009

Graduating soon? Here's how to order tickets for your guests

Most of the information concerning graduation is sent by email. Please ensure your email address is up to date!

Did you complete a program at the end of December or will you be finished by the end of April (this is for full-time students only)? If you did, the Graduation Coordinator has sent you an email to tell you about our June graduation ceremonies. If you don't get the email, first check on WebAdvisor to make sure your email address is correct and make sure your email account is set up to receive mail from If everything looks fine, check Fanshaweonline to see whether we are expecting you to graduate in June.

F.A.T.SOrder graduation tickets for your guests through Fanshaweonline. You don't need a ticket and there's no charge for the use of a gown and scarf for the ceremony. We don't do mortarboards here! And, let us know whether you are attending or not, even if you don't need guest tickets.

Here's how you tell us whether you are attending and how to order your guest tickets:

1. Go to Fanshaweonline and click on the Graduation Tickets button on the left side of the screen. You'll see a screen showing your name, program, date and time of your graduation. It also shows your address, email address and phone number. After your graduation eligibility has been confirmed, in late May your tickets will be mailed to this address, so if it isn't correct, please change it in WebAdvisor right away or let the Graduation Office know as soon as possible.

2. Select Yes or No to show if you're attending. If you choose Yes, you'll see a drop-down box appear to order tickets.

3. Pick the number of tickets you want. Please don't order more than you want because other graduates could use those tickets. You don't need a ticket for yourself - only for your guests. You are guaranteed two tickets and you can order more. We'll do our best to accommodate your request based on ticket demand for your ceremony.

4. Go to the Comments box. If you or your guests need assistance at graduation, for example, if you are in a wheelchair or one of your guests uses a walker, this is the place to tell us. If you need assistance, you can also call the Head Marshal at 519.452.4430, x4305. If your guests need assistance, you can also call the Head Usher at 519.452.4430, x4022.

5. Click Submit. You'll get an email confirming your graduation choices. If you don't get an email, your request has not gone through! If you don't get that email, try again. If it doesn't work for you, for example, because of your browser, place your ticket order through the Graduation Office at 519.452.4123 or email

Check Fanshaweonline near the end of May to see when your tickets were mailed. If you placed your order too late for the tickets to be mailed, we'll advise you to pick up your tickets from the Office of the Registrar (E1012) before the ceremony.

If you decide not to attend your Graduation ceremony, your diploma or certificate may be picked up in the Office of the Registrar, E1012, from June 29 to July 11, 2009. You'll need to show photo ID — your student card will be fine. If you want someone else to pick it up for you, you must give them a signed letter from you, authorizing us to release it. They'll have to show photo ID as well.

After July 11, your document and your transcript will be mailed to you within four to six weeks following graduation, at no charge. Please make sure that your address is current! You can update your address through WebAdvisor.

If your diploma or certificate is returned to the College as undeliverable (maybe because you moved and didn't update your address in WebAdvisor), there will be a fee to mail it the second time. The purpose of this fee is to offset the cost of postage and the special handling and packaging involved.

If you need a replacement diploma or certificate in the future, a replacement copy will be prepared for a fee of $50.00. There will be an additional fee if you want to have the replacement copy mailed.

Next week, we'll talk about what happens at the graduation ceremony. If you have questions, call the Graduation Office at 519.452.4123 or email or check the website at

We look forward to congratulating you at your graduation ceremony!

Important Dates

Note! Fanshawe College programs each fall under one of three academic calendars — 15-week, 16-week, and 18-week semesters. Make sure you know where your program fits! If you aren't sure, talk to the helpful folks in your Academic Office.

Last date to withdraw without academic penalty for Winter 2009 (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters)- Mar 30, Mar 26, Apr 13

Last date to apply for Student Assistance bursary for Winter or Fall/Winter (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters)- Apr 3, Apr 3, Apr 24

First fee payment deadline for Summer 2009(15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - Apr 2, Apr 2, n/a

Good Friday: College closed- April 10

Last day of classes for Winter 2009(15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) - Apr 23, Apr 23, May 15

Office of the Registrar
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This column is a Student Success Initiative sponsored by Counselling and Student Life Services, Financial Aid and the Office of the Registrar.
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