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Cars stolen and vandalized on campus

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | March 30th, 2009

One car stolen; three others vandalized at Fanshawe's Lot 5

It was a less than typical day for Liz Jay-Abu Al-Saoud, a student at Fanshawe College when she entered yet another day of classes on the Thursday before March break.

Liz Jay-Abu Al-Saoud has parked her 1998 Plymouth Neon in Lot 5 since the beginning of her classes at Fanshawe, but on this specific sunny day she came out and asked her friend, “Where's my car.”

Remembering the two friends parked their cars along side one another when they entered the premises at 6:15 am, it was surprising to both ladies that one car had completely vanished.

“My friend Amber and I walked out to the lot...but when we got out to the parking lot the space next to her was empty. I was so surprised,” remembered Jay-Abu Al-Saoud about the day she discovered her car had been stolen. “We both couldn't believe it. I looked across the parking lot and two rows over I saw an SUV with the passenger side window smashed out and glass all over the pavement.”

Jay-Abu Al-Saoud's reaction was to report her car had been stolen, so along with her friend proceeded to the campus security office for further direction.

According to Jay-Abu Al-Saoud, the two friends first went to the parking office where they were told to go and see security, as they would aide the girls in the proper direction.

Once at the security office, Jay-Abu Al-Saoud said she was asked to fill out a report while security provided her with a contact number for London Police.

“They (Security) said in addition to my car being stolen there were a total of three cars vandalized in Lot 5,” she said.

Following the phone call to London Police, Jay-Abu Al-Saoud said it took the officers approximately two hours before they showed up at her residence.

The police officers explained to Jay-Abu Al-Saoud that the Plymouth Neon is the easiest car to break into, followed by a Cadillac.

Back at the college, campus security ensured Jay-Abu Al-Saoud they would be reviewing videotapes of Lot 5 for further assistance as to who may have stolen her car.

Jay-Abu Al-Saoud was taken back this incident took place in broad daylight.

The following evening, Jay-Abu Al-Saoud said she received a phone call from Police saying they were successful in locating her vehicle.

Jay-Abu Al-Saoud Neon was found at a townhouse complex near Hamilton and Rectory Streets.

When she arrived at her vehicle, she realized the ignition of her car had been completely kicked out.

Jay-Abu Al-Saoud contacted a tow truck driver who managed to get her car to a mechanic.

“They were able to fix it...but it cost me about $300,” she said.

Although she was happy to have her car back, she insists she has no other choice but to park in Lot 5.

A club now locks the steering wheel of the Plymouth Neon and Jay-Abu Al-Saoud is hopeful when people see it, they will skip over her car and leave it as is; parked in Lot 5.

As for the security measures already in place in Fanshawe's parking lots and what the college will do to curb these crimes, Campus Security had no comment other than that the investigation is continuing.
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