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Planning your future — career or school?

Applying to another school in Ontario

Are you applying to another college or to a university in Ontario? Are you applying for a new program for September? Applications received at ontariocolleges.ca by February 2 receive equal consideration. This is important if the program you want is very popular — they are called “oversubscribed programs”.

F.A.T.SOntariocolleges.ca and the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) do not accept or process originals or photocopies of Ontario post secondary transcripts. Instead, request your transcript on-line and have it sent directly to the “destination institution”.

To submit a post secondary transcript to your destination institution, please do one of the following:

If you applied to an Ontario College through ontariocolleges.ca:

- Go to ontariocolleges.ca website: www.ontariocolleges.ca,

- Select ‘My Application' (you will need your Username and Password),

- Select ‘My Transcript Request'.

If you applied to an Ontario University through OUAC:

- Go to OUAC website: www.OUAC.on.ca,

- Log into Compass (you will need your User ID and password).

If your destination institution will accept it, you can request post secondary transcripts directly from the institutions you attended. Don't send these transcripts to ontariocolleges.ca or OUAC -- send them directly to your destination institution according to its requirements (some institutions require transcripts be submitted directly from the issuing institution). In general, though, you are encouraged to use the on-line services provided by ontariocolleges.ca and OUAC.

Career Counselling at Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College offers a range of formal career testing and career counselling services **free** to its current students. Career testing and counselling is helpful if you aren't sure of your career direction or if you have so many possibilities that you need help to make the best career pick for you. Let's face it, choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make. The career planning process can help you save time and money by targeting careers that are a good fit for you.

Career planning involves four steps:

1. Self-exploration: You'll explore your aptitudes, personality type and interest areas, using the most well-researched and up-to-date career tests and assessments available.

2. Interpretation: Experienced career counsellors will explain your test results, so you can become an expert on yourself. With this information, you will begin to map a career path that's right for you.

3. Investigation: You'll focus on specific job options and, with the help of a career counsellor, you'll conduct job research to learn more about them.

4. Career Plan: With the help of a counsellor, you'll explore the paths to the career you've chosen and you'll develop a specific plan to help you reach your goal.

Current Fanshawe College students can access the four-step career testing / counselling process for free -- simply make an appointment in the Counselling and Student Life Department, F2010. If you're not a current student, you can still take advantage of career testing and counselling but there's a fee -- please call 519-452-4430 ext. 4682 for more information.

Important Dates

Note! Fanshawe College programs each fall under one of three academic calendars — 15-week, 16-week, and 18-week semesters. Make sure you know where your program fits! If you aren't sure, talk to the helpful folks in your Academic Office.

The last date to withdraw without having to pay all your fees for Winter Term 2009 (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) — Jan 23, Jan 16, Jan 26
If you withdraw after this date, all your fees will be due, even if you aren't going to class. (Please note: some dates vary based on the start of your program.) Come to the Office of the Registrar to be sure your paperwork is complete.

The last date to register, change from full-time to part-time or back again, drop or add courses, or get credit for external credits for this term (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) — Jan 23, Jan 16, Jan 26. Check your Student Verification Form because some dates vary based on the start date of your program.

The last date to appeal an academic decision or your fees (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) — Jan 26, Jan 30, Feb 11. Note: The date may vary based on the start date of your program.

Next Payment Plan installment (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) — Jan 28, Jan 28, Jan 28. Check your up-to-date fee balance on WebAdvisor.

The last date to apply for OSAP for Fall-Winter (15-wk, 16-wk, or 18-wk semesters) — Jan 31, Jan 31, Feb 22.

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