RCMP seeking female recruits in London

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking for a few good woman.

On Monday, January 26, the RCMP is hosting a female recruiting event at Museum London at 3 pm.

“Our female-focused recruiting event is an opportunity for women in the London area to come out and speak with serving female members of the RCMP who are currently working in a variety of specialized units,” said Cpl. J.R. Pinder, an RCMP officer representing Central Region recruiting.

“These members are able to answer questions about what it's like for a woman in policing, the positive impact it has had on their lives, how the RCMP looks after it's members.”

By hosting an all-female recruiting event, Cpl Pinder hopes to show why the RCMP have often made Canada's Top 100 employers list and the “Today's Parent Magazine-Top Ten Family Friendly Employers” list (2007).

The RCMP could possibly be Canada's best-known symbol recognized internationally. The officer's attire consists of a scarlet coat, which exudes a certain presence.

According to Pinder, the RCMP can't estimate the number of women that will show, as this is the first event of it's kind that they have hosted in London.

“We are hiring upwards of 1,800 new members every year for the next few years, so there is ample opportunity for the potential female applicants,” Cpl. Pinder said.

So what exactly does a career with the RCMP mean for recruits?

“A career in the RCMP guarantees a career of true value and meaning in a world renowned and respected organization, which provides cutting edge policing with honour, honesty and integrity,” said Cpl. Pinder.

According to Cpl. Pinder, the RCMP offers very competive pay at over $75, 000 after three years on the job, amazing health and dental benefits, three-to-six weeks per year of holidays (depending on years of service). Parental leave topped up to 93 per cent and they also offer a federal pension plan.

The event plans to showcase to new female recruits the many benefits the RCMP offers to potential officers looking for a vital and secure job needed to society.

“The RCMP offers over 150 career specializations applicable to just about all educational (and) experiential backgrounds. Most will start as a general duties constable and then from there, do the necessary work to self-direct their career paths,” Cpl. Pinder stated. “People should know that there is no policing activity that the RCMP is not involved in, and is in fact the only police service that can boast this claim in Canada.”

Positions within the Mounted Police can range from traffic or bike patrol, to National Security Investigations or Prime Minister's protection detail.

The RCMP female recruiting event is to take place on January 26 at Museum London, 421 Ridout Street North at 3 pm.