Dish on drugs

According to London Police Services Criminal Investigation Division: Drugs in Ontario

- Between 2000 and 2002 indoor marijuana grow operations dismantled by police in Ontario have increased by 250 per cent.

- In 2000, police dismantled 442 grows and seized 16,937 marijuana plants.

- In 2002, police dismantled 1267 grows and seized 421,294 marijuana plants.

- In 2003, police dismantled 1051 grows and seized 358,161 marijuana plants.

Drugs in London, Ontario

- Since 2000, the London Police Service have dismantled 461 home grow operations and seized marijuana worth $57.5 million

- It is estimated that a typical home grow operation steals electricity worth $1,000 per month

- It is estimated that in the London area there is a home grow operation within a 10 minute walk from every urban home

- A home grow operations can generate revenue of up to $1 million in tax free cash which finances various organized criminal activities.