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Falcons warming up for another season

Aaron Hall | Interrobang | Sports | August 29th, 2005

Eagerly anticipating another season for all Fanshawe Falcon sports, the athletic staff at Fanshawe College is excited and in high spirits about the upcoming school year.

Mike Lindsay, Manager of Athletics, Ernie Durocher, Men's Athletic Officer, and Joanne Verbeek, Women's Athletic Officer, are all looking forward to another year at Fanshawe College.

“It's a very exciting time,” said Durocher.

Intercollegiate tryouts are about to begin for all Fanshawe varsity teams, and Intramural sign-up deadlines are also right around the corner.

“The three areas that we look after are varsity athletics, intramurals, and hiring students,” said Durocher.

There are still spots available for athletic jobs; Lindsay noted that the athletics department hires about one hundred students a year. “We can't deliver our programs without them,” said Lindsay.

The positions up for grabs range from Publicity and Promotions Assistants to timekeepers and referees for Intramural sports. All three areas of Fanshawe athletics provide students with immeasurable life skills, such as teamwork and time management.

“Employers are looking for team players,” said Lindsay. “We really want to deliver a program that teaches students the skills they need to reach their career goals, that's the bottom line.”

This message that the athletic department promotes coincides with Fanshawe Colleges strategic directions for all employees including being innovative and responsive and promoting opportunity.

Fanshawe athletics is also doing all they can to help athletes make the transition from student to student/athlete.

“Don't pass up an opportunity to capitalize on something that's free, go for when you're 18 or 20, because it closes in on you really quick.”
- Athletics Manager Mike Lindsay

“We are looking at supporting our student athletes into better and greater graduation rates, and improve their academics to a point where they start to qualify for cash rewards,” said Lindsay. Verbeek added that every team has academic advisors.

“[The advisors] give tremendous support to those who may have a set of intimidation barriers to join an inter-collegiate sport, or recreational sport, because they want to ensure their academics are in order,” she said.

The pressure and lack of confidence that is expressed by some athletes is especially apparent on the womens side of Fanshawe athletics. This is something the Athletic program hopes will stop, and as Verbeek says the biggest message they hope to convey is to try-out for a team regardless, even if there is doubt in an athletes mind of making it. According to Verbeek many female athletes are worried about their skills, and don't think they are good enough.

“Your window of competing at a high-level and at your potential is very small,” said Lindsay. “Don't pass up an opportunity to capitalize on an something that's free, go for it when your 18 or 20, because it closes on you really quick.”

For more information on athletics programs, intermural sports or employment opportunities, visit the athletics website at or stop by the Athletics Centre.
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