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Anyone need Gamers Anonymous?

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | August 29th, 2005

Something has happened to me over the past ten months that I'm not proud of. I wrote about it briefly last year when the madness began, but I feel that I must give an update for those who related to this blurb last year who may still be at Fanshawe. This addiction has affected my life and I have become something that I never thought I would become.

My addiction has nothing to do with alcohol (although a tasty beer or three while I do this activity would be great...but that's another article) or drugs; I am addicted to online gaming, and with the approaching release of the Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Revolution, I am going to need an intervention.

You see, some of my friends have been online gaming for years. Hell, I've even had the odd game of Socom, Tony Hawk or Star Wars Battlefront just to name a few. Until lately, I had no problem shutting the games off and doing more important things. I've even called some of my buddies bad names because I couldn't understand their addiction. Now, because of Halo 2, I have no life. Mind you, I'm not as bad as I was a few months ago because there are some other things that take priority, like my new job that I don't want to screw up! I need the money to buy the new systems and Halo 3 when that comes out.

I bought Halo 2 mostly for the single player mission and when I got Xbox Live, it was mainly to play a little bit of Counter Strike and Crimson Skies online as well as to download newer stuff for those games, Ninja Gaiden and Knights of the Old Republic.

I threw on Halo 2 and connected to Xbox Live so I could try out the multiplayer for my review on the game. Now, with countless Slayer games played (and probably more if you look up my stats by the read this), I am a full-blown addict.

If anyone else feels the same way, write into the Interrobang and tell us how this game has affected your life or with tips on how to get away from it. Hopefully, when I'm online (as EAT MEAH X8) you can join me for a battle and show me that I'm not alone in London because I know I'm not alone elsewhere in the world when I go online.

Oh yeah, if you're going to plug your headset in, please don't be an idiot and talk smack unless you back it, because I can!

Wilura will meet you for an online challenge if you email him at
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