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Pete's Links: A little college humour

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 11th, 2008

Poor Spidey
Holy shit. That's all I can say in response to this video. This poor guy, dressed up as Spiderman, just wants to entertain the kids by flip-flopping all over the place. I guess poor Spidey shouldn't have tried running up the wall of the building and attempt a back flip because now his neck is tingling. The worst thing is actually hearing the people laugh at him after he falls.

In pefect lip sync
Aww...what a nice band. They're so talented! Watch as the drummer can't even drum his own song in time. Watch as the singer sways towards the audience while singing his beautiful song. Watch as the singer takes a plunge off of the stage while his vocal track doesn't miss a tone or beat. Amazing band!

I have to plug this site, not because you can buy an amazing amount of CDs and DVDs on it (it's powered by, you know), but because this site has an enormous archive of CD reviews. You want to know something about a band? Type in their name, search their catalogue and read the reviews that listeners (or viewers if you're really into movies) have left. Most are pretty good but you can always tell if someone is partial. I think that if you're a fan of a certain band and want to know what the hardcore fans think of the band's releases, it's a good indication of what to get next. I use it all the time when I discover a new band.

Stuffed Se7en finale
I didn't mean to post so many “College Humor” links this week, but the laughs and gems kept coming. If you like this Brad Pitt movie and you love stuffed animals, then you'll absolutely cherish this clip. Watch the last three minutes of this movie with a warm fuzzy feeling that only stuffed animals who spew vulgarity and promote violence can deliver.

PW Torch
I usually go to for my wrestling headlines, but after a PPV or weekly show that has either irked me or pleased me, it's nice to read what some other savy wrestling fans have to say. There are articles and features on this site that you have to pay for, but the free listings and the “Fan Reactions” are enough for me and worth heading to this site for.
Beware: don't go to this site if you don't have any sort of pop-up stopper on your PC.
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