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The love doctor is in the hizzouse

Sean Russell | VP Entertainment | Opinion | February 11th, 2008

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Are you lonely?

This time of the year does have that effect on some. I, personally, am not a supporter of the whole commercialized idea of Valentine's Day, but I understand the concept makes some feel as though they should have a significant other. At least for the day.

In retrospect, it also makes some people nervous. Especially the people in new relationships. Do I buy my girlfriend a gift? Do I get her a rose? Do I allow her to have sex with me?

These are questions that may run through your mind. You should not feel pressured to do any of these things. A girl would appreciate a rose on a day that doesn't mean anything more than receiving one because her boyfriend thought he had to. Nothing says “love” more than forced gift giving.

The whole idea of Valentine's Day raises a few questions in my mind. Do we need a day to remind us that we care about someone? Is it supposed to revoke lost feelings? Or is it solely a day intended to express love?

Well personally I believe that a card that you bought at Hallmark saying “Be Mine” is not regarded as a personal loving message. These are as passionate as the letters you would get in high school from some girl that said “Will you hold my hand?” with a yes box and a no box.

There are a few reasons why buying each-other gifts does not make much sense on Valentine's. So you have been dating for six months or a year and Valentine's Day is approaching. You think to yourself “I'm mad about this lass, and I'm going to splurge on 24 roses.” How very sweet of you. So you spend the $120, she takes pictures of them, tells you she loves you, a week later they die and that's it.

Then another year goes by.... and you have already planted the seed. You spent $120 last year, you can't get away with a hug this year. So you go and buy the roses again. Eventually after four or five years, you begin to realize that $120 is a crap load of money to spend on something that's going to die within a week or so.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not a plant hater by any means. I happen to love plants. All kinds. And I entertain thoughts of growing plants when I own my own house. But until then, I can't rationalize spending half my rent money on them right now.

We are students. There are other ways to express yourself. If you really want to show her you care: make her something, invest time into something, make her dinner and then go home, throw on some Marvin Gaye and let your primal instincts take over.

That's probably the main reason you would buy flowers anyways.

For those of you that do enjoy Valentine's Day, I can respect that as well.

I understand the traditional factor of the holiday, and what it originally stands for. But please don't go spend a bunch of money on terrible German chocolates that will give someone acne for a week. Instead go about your day normally, wait till next week or the week after and take them out for dinner, for no reason.

Once again, I am not a doctor of Valentine's Day. But I don't believe that we need a holiday to express how much we care about each other.

I consider all of you my Valentine's 365 days a year. (Except for that creepy dude who always follows me home... he scares me).
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