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Sweet Sixteen? Not likely

Diana Forbes | Interrobang | Lifestyles | August 29th, 2005

Forget, high profile documentaries like Madonna: Truth or Dare, Supersize Me and Fahrenheit 911, one film that must be revisited is Talk 16.

Many of you youngin's might have missed the debut of Talk 16 back in 1991, when gym teachers all over Canada were screening this masterpiece for confused classes of teenage girls.

For one year, filmmakers Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell followed the lives of five, very different, 16-year old Toronto girls.  All the stereotypes are featured, in great early 90's fashion and culture, like the geek, the vixen, the outcast, the rebel and the normal.

The girls speak openly about peer pressure, sex, drugs, and dating. The brutialy honest moments are at most times hilarious, specifically watch out for when the outcast retells her version of losing her virginity- outrageously funny.

Three years after Talk 16 was released the filmmakers tracked down the five characters and created Talk 19, a catch up film that updated where the girls were and how they progressed.

If you are looking to watch a good two hours of the horrors and hilarity of female development, revisit Talk 16, it's worth the effort of tracking it down.

Talk 19 becomes a sad portrait of what happens when dreams are dashed and reality sinks in. The rebel, who actually dropped out of high school, ends up in a more positive light in the later documentary than the “normal” girl who ends up obsessed with plastic surgery.
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