Students create Foundation Sixty6 marketing campaign

A photo of marketing students presenting their ideas for Foundation Sixty6 to a board room full of stakeholders. CREDIT: MARCO DELUCA
Interactive Media Design program students are developing a marketing campaign for Foundation Sixty6.

Fanshawe College’s Interactive Media program students are collaborating on a semester-long project to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign for Foundation Sixty6.

Foundation Sixty6 provides accessible and affordable mental health support to young individuals facing severe challenges, such as psychotic depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

“This foundation is new, so we’re just getting started. And we are literally in phase one, which is to develop our brand, which is where these amazing students have come into play,” said Aimee Hagerty, co-founder and board member for Foundation Sixty6.

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From logo design to website development, students leverage their skills to raise awareness and support for Foundation Sixty6’s mission.

“These amazing students bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table. Their dedication to the project is truly inspiring,” Hagerty said.

The final teams will showcase their work at an industry night on April 18. The victorious project will aid in the official launch of Foundation Sixty6.

“Every time that we see more information, it’s gets harder and harder and harder to decide who the finalists are going to be and who the winner is going to be. So there are five of us in this foundation, who will decide, and it’s going to be really tough decision,” Hagerty said.

In 2016, Hagerty’s son, Caelan, was diagnosed with psychotic depression at the age of 13.

“My son began experiencing severe mental health challenges,” Hagerty said. “Navigating the mental health care system revealed significant gaps in accessibility and affordability. Many families, like ours, struggled to find adequate support, facing long waitlists and financial constraints.”

After struggling through the mental healthcare system, Hagerty, along with her family and friends, Stuart du Kamp and Russell Levangie, recognized this urgent need for change, and Foundation Sixty6 was born.

“We wanted to tackle three key areas,” explained Hagerty. “Firstly, improving mental health care for youth aged 16 to 25, who often face the greatest hurdles. Secondly, establishing a network of physicians and mental health care providers willing to offer subsidized or pro bono services. And thirdly, partnering with organizations to create employment opportunities for young individuals battling mental health challenges.”

The project’s first phase extends beyond developing the concept and marketing of the organization.

“We’re launching a GoFundMe campaign and reaching out to potential corporate sponsors,” Hagerty said. “We aim to raise $90,000 to $100,000 in our first year, providing critical support to 10 needy families for 2025.”

As the collaboration progresses, both students and Foundation Sixty6 are learning from each other.

“It’s been incredible to work alongside these talented students,” Hagerty said. “Their passion and dedication reaffirm our commitment to supporting youth mental health.”

Foundation Sixty6 and Fanshawe College are committed to making a lasting impact.

“We’re laying the foundation for a brighter future, one where young individuals facing mental health challenges can access the support and opportunities they deserve,” Hagerty said.