Fanshawe’s fashion students shine in Unbound 2024

Poster art for Unbound 2024. CREDIT: FANSHAWE COLLEGE
The third-year fashion design students of Fanshawe College will showcase their collections at Unbound 2024.

Fanshawe College’s third-year fashion design students will showcase their collections at Unbound 2024 on April 6 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event will occur at Innovation Village, specifically in Forwell Hall, followed by an after party at Canada Life Village Square. This immersive show will feature runway displays, music, a catered reception, champagne carpet photos, and a chance to meet the designers.

“This year’s event is a must-attend,” Leigh-Ann Waller, fashion design coordinator and Unbound creative director said. “Prepare to be captivated by the accomplishments of thirteen up-and-coming Canadian designers. Unbound stands as a testament to the powerful fusion of community, industry experts, and aspiring students. With the collective efforts of twelve Fanshawe College programs and the dedication of over 166 individuals, Unbound promises to be an unparalleled success.”

Student designers have created a broad array of collections based on the theme of New Narratives, representing a departure from conventional societal constraints.

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The creative mastermind behind the Hedgewalker collection, Biz Clarkson, said they drew inspiration from an eclectic mix of influences like folk horror, historical fashion, and pop culture.

“I’m like a punk rock kid and a metalhead at heart,” Clarkson said.

According to Clarkson’s description of Hedgewalker, “the apple tree branch is a motif seen throughout the collection in both laser-cut and embroidery details, growing as the main character of my collection in power as ancient as the roots of the gnarled trees that populate nightmares.”

In contrast, Over It!, Lauren Bailey’s collection, embodies the spirit of individuality and defiance against conformity.

“This collection is for the in-betweens, the burnouts, the dropouts, the almost famous. The ones who find themselves in a post-pandemic world unsure of where the lines ever were,” Bailey said.

Bailey’s designs challenge traditional norms, offering season-less, gender-less, elevated streetwear that celebrates diversity and self-expression.

“My everyday style is very gender-less and season-less,” Bailey explained. “I’m non-binary, so I like to think my queerness shows through a lot of my clothes.”

According to Bailey, the New Narratives theme was decided upon early on in the creative process.

“It was one of the first things we settled on—the central theme of Unbound 2024,” Bailey explained. “It talks about how each of us has such an individual life and perspective, and we all come from different walks of life.”

“There are only 13 of us compared to the second-year fashion design students, which has around 40,” Clarkson added. “So, we’re the latest COVID babies, which is great because we are a little group and all different.”

Both Clarkson and Bailey emphasized the importance of sustainability in their collections, utilizing responsible production methods.

“I’m using linen and deadstock leather,” Clarkson explained. “So deadstock means that it wasn’t usable by the company. And I’m turning it into something. I’m also using all of my scraps to make embellishments.”

At the same time, Clarkson has used natural materials to create garments that blur the lines between reality and folklore.

“I even make my own wooden buttons from the old apple trees that grow in my mum’s backyard,” Clarkson explained.

Bailey echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

“I feel fortunate that we are taught and pushed to be sustainable designers because it’s almost irresponsible for us to go into the world and create waste because the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet right now,” Bailey stated.

Unbound 2024 attendees can choose between two ticket options: floor seating for $55 and mezzanine seating for $35.

Guests will also have the opportunity to meet the 13 emerging designers who will push the boundaries of fashion and spark discussions on self-expression and inclusivity.