Black History: The Journey

Text states: Black History: The Journey. Gideon Mariochukwu. Black History Month. CREDIT: FSU PUBLICATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT.

In the tapestry of time, a history profound,

Of resilience and strength, on hallowed ground.

Blacky’s journey, a tale untold,

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A symphony of triumph, stories unfold.


From the roots of Africa, a rich heritage,

Bound by chains, yet an indomitable courage.

Through the Middle Passage, a sea of despair,

Emerging as warriors, a spirit rare.


In the cotton fields, under the scorching sun,

A melody of sorrow, yet the spirit won.

Harriet’s whispers, the Underground’s call,

Guiding souls to freedom, breaking the thrall.


Amidst the struggle, a vision so bright,

Dreams of equality, justice in sight.

From Selma’s bridge to Montgomery’s march,

A crescendo of voices, igniting the spark.


In the Harlem Renaissance, culture blooms,

Poetry, jazz, and art that consumes.

Langston’s verses, Baldwin’s prose,

A symphony of voices, breaking throes.


Through segregated buses, boycotts took flight,

Rosa’s quiet strength, a beacon in the night.

In the face of hate, love took a stand,

King’s dream echoed across the land.


Blacky’s history, a journey so vast,

Through shackles and scars, resilience cast.

In the tapestry of time, a story to be told,

Of strength, love, and a legacy bold.