Mocktails to keep Dry January going all year long

Stock image of people clinking glasses with various mocktails CREDIT: ZORANM
Practice safer drinking habits by cutting out alcohol when you can.

In a world that constantly seeks balance and well-being, the way we approach socializing and enjoying beverages is evolving. As awareness of health and safety concerns grows, so does the desire for safer drinking habits. One trend gaining momentum is the incorporation of mocktails into social settings, offering a delightful alternative to traditional cocktails while promoting a healthier and safer lifestyle. Here are five easy mocktail recipes to try this year to keep Dry January going all year round.

Virgin mojito

The virgin mojito is a tasty non-alcoholic beverage with a twist on the classic cocktail. This version skips the usual use of rum to create a refreshing booze-free blend that’s ideal for a hot summer day. Mojitos are most popular in restaurants. If you prefer your mojito a bit sweeter, you can try swapping out the soda water with lemonade.

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Gin-free gin and tonic

Being the designated driver doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your tipple. Infuse your G&T with things like cardamon, mint, cloves and rosemary to create a botanical flavour. You can try garnishing it with a few mint leaves and pomegranate seeds for a slight colourful and eye-catching flourish.

Virgin passion fruit martini

If you are looking for something fruity, look no further than the virgin passion fruit martini. Just use an alcohol- free spirit to add some spice and complex flavours to pair with its sharpness and sweetness of the fruit. Go ahead and give your mixture a good shake to create the characteristic frothy foam topping.

Spiced piña colada mocktail

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…here’s a mocktail for you and all your grown-up friends. The spiced piña colada uses ingenious mock rum syrup, pineapple juice and coconut milk to create a drink with plenty of tropical flavours. To make it even more special, try garnishing it with pineapple leaves and a tinned cherry for an extra kitsch value.

Negroni mocktail

Capture the classic bitter, citrussy flavours of a negroni in this spectacular mocktail. Use grapefruit, orange and aromatic spices to create a simple syrup base, then mix with white grape juice and water for a slow sipping negroni drink. This delicious drink tastes just as good as the real thing. For a slight bonus for all yearround summer sippers who can’t get enough of a tropical taste, here’s a final option to add to the mix:

Summer cup mocktail

All you need for this drink is a cucumber, mint and a mix of summer berries to create a flavourful base to your mocktail, then top it off with sparkling lemonade and garnish with your favourite fruits. If you’re thinking of experimenting with more fruity recipes, you can also try a zingy black lemonade and for a frozen treat to cool you down the raspberry lemonade slushy is also perfect. All you need are frozen raspberries, lemonade and ice to blend.