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Art and music are central pillars when it comes to the culture of the city of London, and that includes right here at Fanshawe College. That’s why, two years ago, we introduced this special Arts and Music issue of Interrobang. This issue aims to highlight budding talent growing out of Fanshawe, as well as the many ways students can experience the arts in London, Ont.

Our featured content includes a detailed list of theatres in the city, an in depth look at the process of writing and producing music with Grammy winner and Fanshawe’s own, Dan Brodbeck, and even an exploration of how fields like engineering can be interpreted as an art form.

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This issue also features an article by Finch Neves, profiling the up and coming noise rock band, Carmine, as well as an article by reporter Mia Rosa-Wayne, who spoke with Londoner Jane Roy about how painting has become a therapeutic exercise for her following the death of her parents.

A recurring theme you will find in this issue is that the arts, whether we’re talking about music, painting, or dance, are a universal language. The arts both represent and transcend culture, connecting humanity in times of unrest and uncertainty. It’s a good reminder, right now, that where words fail, other mediums speak. There is a healing power to the arts, a collective bonding that grows out of sitting in a theatre together, hearing a song, or sharing a dance. Do not lose sight of that power, even if the world seems bleak. Your creations are worthwhile, so do not stop creating.


Hannah Theodore

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