Dear readers,

It’s time to get down and dirty with our annual Sex Issue.

Being sex positive is about more than just supporting those who have frequent sex. It’s about destigmatizing all aspects of sexual health, from STIs, to menstrual hygiene, to the LGBTQ2S+ community. There are dozens of small actions we can take every day to become more sex positive.

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And that is what makes this issue such a joy to put together. Writers like Dee-Dee Samuels have explored the history of the Two-spirit identity, while reporter Johan George has broken down and debunked a series of myths about masturbation. Meanwhile, reporter Kate Otterbein takes you through the magic of the DivaCup, while reporter Zoë King discusses the awkward, but mutually beneficial, struggle of talking to your parents about sex.

Our Interrobang Rewind for this issue focuses on the 90s action film, The Matrix, with a specific focus on the movie’s transgender undertones. Two articles in this issue also explore Queen Elizabeth II’s complicated legacy as a religious advocate, beloved head of state, and reviled colonialist.

But as we celebrate these stories, we remind our readers that our college community is also mourning the loss of 29-year-old operations management student, Jibin Cheruvilputhenpurayil Benoy. Our thoughts are with Jibin’s family back home in India, and with all the students who may be impacted by this loss.

Happy reading, Fanshawe, and may this issue bring you some peace in this difficult time.

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