A note from the Western University Black Students’ Association

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ARTWORK BY JACOB LAWRENCE

The Black Students’ Association (BSA) at Western University presents our edition of Black History Month which is themed “Renaissance.” The Black Students’ Association is a sociopolitical club at Western University dedicated to improving the experience of Black students at a predominantly white institution.

Renaissance signals the revival of Black art, projects, and prosperity. Throughout the month, BSA Western will be highlighting Black talent within London and across Canada. Black people have pioneered the music, art, and literature acclaimed today. Often Black artists go uncredited for setting the foundation for popular arts, such as the founding of Rock n’ Roll.

Black people have and continue to be trendsetters, spearheading change within every sphere imaginable. Whether it be political revolutions, technological innovations, or academia, BSA strives to highlight this impeccable work seen throughout the Black Diaspora.

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We encourage everyone to take this February to research, reflect, and engage with Black History Month programming. Let’s highlight the past achievements and future innovations that were made possible by the power of the people.

Happy Black History Month!