For Gouda luck In 2022, celebrate with charcuterie boards


“3…2…1! Happy New Year!” It’s the New Year, now what?

Is it the time of year where you decide to quit all your bad habits, but then after a week or so, you realize that nobody likes a quitter?

But in all seriousness, the New Year is incredibly important, because it marks the beginning of your life for 2022. The New Year initiates a new chapter. It is the time to set goals, plan for events, and make many important decisions about your life. This year, you may be looking forward to your wedding, your graduation, your baby shower, or maybe just your birthday. Nonetheless, as it may be exciting, let’s talk about planning, and even more so, let’s talk about food!

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During the initial lockdown caused by COVID-19 in March of 2020, owner of The Posh Cheeseboard Co., Penny Rumming encountered great successes in her small business. Today, Rumming operates a large commercial kitchen, has employed several individuals, and has multiple bookings for Christmas and New Year’s.

“Before March 2020, I had been making four-foot boards for large events,” she said. “Then when the COVID-19 lockdown happened, I thought that maybe I should start doing smaller, family boxes, because everyone was – of course, at home.

“I started with a box that was like a 10 by 10, so I called that box for two to three people. And it literally took off and my business expanded!” added Rumming.

Charcuterie boards were once coined as a French phenomenon in the 15th century. Today, cheese boards and charcuterie boards have regained popularity thanks to social media.

Rumming recognizes the rise in the popularity of cheese boards but also noted their importance during tough times.

“I think there’s been a real shift, I think it’s just becoming more popular. I think that people love the idea of grazing. We do a ton of sympathy boxes, and I think it’s perfect for that. Because if you’re mourning, you may not have a huge appetite, but you need to eat. We send out a lot of boxes for people as gifts, and you know, they will message me afterwards and tell me how much they really enjoyed them.”

Moreover, Rumming researches seasonal trends and enjoys implementing variations in her boxes. While adding a theme in her orders, she likes to consider her small business as being very accommodating.

“I’m working on a tree trimming family tree box right now, which is something a family can do together, like little cookie decorating kit, hot chocolate, snacks, and popcorn. So, I try to stay one step ahead with something original and kind of fun!

“We’re also special order-friendly. We do a lot of gluten free, pork free, vegan, vegetarian, and keto customized boards. We also have people with allergies, and we’re very flexible, especially on large orders, we try very hard to be accommodating,” said Rumming.

The Posh Cheeseboards Co. created plenty of large platters for New Year’s, but also for many more events in 2022.

“We’re definitely expanding, especially by doing more off-site events,” said Rumming. “We are a huge help for corporate right now. We’ve just launched our lunchboxes, and I’ve been talking to UberEats, so hopefully we can offer a small selection of our menu on there as well.”