Student-run pop-up shop coming to campus

Header image for the article Student-run pop-up shop coming to campus Credit: DEB TROTECHAUD
The fashion marketing and management students at Goodwill shopping for clothing.

Fanshawe’s fashion marketing and management program’s pop-up shop called The Story is returning to the Siskind Gallery. Students have been working hard on getting the shop in order and picking out the pieces all semester. The doors will open to shoppers on Nov. 22 and will be open until Nov. 26. 

The group has been split up into different committees, all with different jobs. The different committees include merch, shop design, social media, and Shopify. 

All of the pieces being sold are hand-selected, all coming from the local Goodwill. 

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“We wanted this year to be different from the last and we wanted it to be fresh. Stuff that’s relevant and new,” said Durrel Brown, a member of the merch committee. 

The focus for this year’s pop-up shop is mental health awareness and sustainability, which played a role in how the logo looks. 

“It’s all about sustainability and reusing clothes,” said Camara Fletcher, from the social media committee. “We decided because it’s nature, we wanted to incorporate that and also just feeling renewed and refreshed. With the pandemic, everyone has just been feeling gloomy and down. We just thought that would be a positive thing to do.”

The clothes have been split in half, with half going in the pop-up shop in the Siskind Gallery on the first floor of the H building and the other half going online. 

“We tried our best to make it equal selection,” said Jenna Walker, who is also on the merch committee. 

The Story is in partnership with Goodwill Industries, with all proceeds going back to students. 

“All the money raised from this event goes towards a scholarship for students,” said the professor behind the project, Deb Trotechaud. “It’s called the Community Impact Award. It’s hopefully to change the story in a positive way and help students succeed.” 

The name, The Story, has been reused over multiple years, and the reasoning for this scholarship plays into the name. 

“Everyone has a story,” said Trotechaud. “We don’t know exactly what that is. Just be mindful of your classmates, and teachers, everyone. You never know what they’re going through and sometimes you just need to listen. Also, the clothing has a story because those pieces have been worn by someone else.”

The students added they are very excited to see the store completed, saying that will be the most rewarding part of this project. 

For anyone wanting to support The Story but can’t make it into Fanshawe, you can shop online at