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Welcome to the second-last issue of Interrobang for the fall term! It’s around this time, right before the holidays and right after mid-terms, that it helps to assess our finances. How do our budgets look after two months of school? Did we budget well enough to consider donating money to local charities or offering up Christmas gifts to loved ones? Or did we spend the term splurging on takeout and buying Taylor Swift merch?

Well, even if you represent the latter (like me), our Financial Issue is filled with tips and tricks to get you back on track. Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) Finance Coordinator Karen Martinez offers up her best advice for detoxing your finances, reporter Dee-Dee Samuels breaks down how we emotionally connect with our money, and reporter Brad Kraemer questions when cryptocurrency will become the global standard.

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Our cover, illustrated by Ian Indiano, demonstrates the ways in which billionaires and Bitcoins have achieved god-like status in our current society. And even if that idea scares you, it doesn’t mean we still can’t find ways to manage our own money. Billionaires we may never be, but all of us have the power to become masters of our own personal finances.

Take this one to the bank!


Hannah Theodore

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