Style advice from a local fashion blogger

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: CHARLES.C CHEUNG VIA YOUTUBE.COM
Cheung shows off his outfit of the day (OOTD) on how YouTube account.

If you think you are clothesminded when it comes to fashion, don’t worry, I know someone who can help you out. You must meet fashion stylist, style blogger, and YouTuber, Charles Cheung.

I was a recent employee at a wellknown multinational clothing-retail company, and that’s where I met Cheung (who had been employed at the company for several years). Judging by his work ethic and his passion for fashion, he was definitely on the same calibre as the managers of the company.

Our company, H&M, greatly valued customer service, purchases, and garment care. Often times, as busy employees, our greatest form of communication amongst one another was through our appearance, especially our clothes. From my viewpoint, Cheung’s style exuded a sense of confidence, friendliness, and joyfulness. His style was unique and well-done, a trait which many style bloggers struggle to establish.

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“Honestly, I sort of started from copying,” said Cheung. “I remember when working at H&M was one of my goals. I remember seeing the mannequins and thinking, oh my God! I started dressing like the mannequins and from there, I realized what I liked, and started wearing more solid colours.

“I was into solid colours and colour blocking,” added Cheung. “Later on, I began admiring styles from different ethnicities and cultures, they made me realize how boring Western fashion can look sometimes. I wanted to wear clothing that had different shapes and unique fabrics, and things like that, instead of all the similar pieces recycled in different colours being offered at every other store.”

Cheung feels that men typically try to style themselves based on what they feel is acceptable and is the norm in society, as well as what women will find attractive.

“I feel men who are really confident about their style, will be open to wearing women’s labelled trends, like cropped pants or like, things that are almost intimidating to men just because it’s so out there and so different from the conventional t-shirt and pants,” said Cheung.

Cheung advised anyone struggling to find their style to explore online and in-store, the style and types of clothing they admire.

“Mannequins are definitely a good place to start,” he said. “Moving forward, I would say to colour block, incorporate a lot of blacks and whites, as well as having a lot of basics. From there, try to incorporate colours and work around neutrals. Try to change up your wardrobe a little, even before you start to add colour.

“Also, find a statement piece,” he went on. “Find one piece that makes you feel really cool and that you feel everyone needs to have, that makes you feel great about yourself. Take that piece and wear it. Then, gradually add to it. Over time, you’ll just find that all your outfits include a statement piece, and your wardrobe isn’t just basics.”