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Welcome to Interrobang’s second ever Politics Issue. This theme was first introduced last year, amidst an unhinged presidential campaign in the United States and a global pandemic.

Well, the pandemic is still here and the U.S. may have a new president, but the division left in the wake of the Trump era has only intensified. So, here we are again.

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Of course, since that time, Canada saw its own election, which we covered extensively earlier this semester. But our ability to do so was limited by the fact that the issue going out at that time was our Sex issue. Now we’re going all in on politics, exploring everything from climate change to Indigenous perspectives to who deserves a monument.

We hear a lot about division these days, and perhaps rightfully so. Outrage culture and deep distrust for one another have created a political landscape that at times feels broken beyond repair. We in the media often work to portray both sides of a contentious issue, but that responsibility becomes challenging when everything becomes a contentious issue.

That’s why this issue includes a multitude of perspectives drawing on concerns that hit close to home, and ones that have the potential to spawn global and intergenerational repercussions. Rather than target the minute disagreements we encounter every day (mask mandates, anyone?), we’ve harnessed our team’s knowledge of big picture issues, in order to explore the systematic, structural issues affecting not just young people, but people everywhere.

With our cover, we highlight the hope that our elected officials may soon start to address those issues. Until then, happy reading!

With reverence,

Hannah Theodore

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