Get wander-lost in Ontario


Got the travel bug? You don’t need to go far to see a lot!

First, let’s begin with London. The downtown core of this city offers a diverse selection of eateries, 73 patios, and three major parks. Multiple businesses are in partnership with local post-secondary institutions like Fanshawe College and Western University. These organizations offer a variety of discounts specifically for students. 

“We’re right on 123 King Street, if anyone has questions, we’re happy to help!” said the executive director of Downtown London, Barbara Maly.

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Moreover, if you’re seeking all the best spots for desserts, pizza, patios, and healthy eats, Tourism London has you covered.

“There’s a lot of information on our website,” said Tourism London general manager, Cheryl Finn. “Through our website, we try to take every interest and have information available for anyone, with regards to shopping, leisure, and events. We are restricted these days due to COVID, but we have many amazing partners who are still doing some amazing things, like 100 Kellogg.

“Regionally, there are great things to do within a close drive, like our beaches, the Pinery [Provincial Park], Lambton County….that whole blue water area is a great way to have a mini vacation.” Next, we’ll uncover a major city, which is nearly a two-hour drive from London, Toronto. From the CN Tower to the Royal Ontario Museum to Toronto Zoo to Casa Loma, this city must be explored. The multiculturalism in the city is apparent from the variety of districts, cuisines, and businesses that cater to over 200 nationalities (blogTO).

Then, not far from Toronto around the so-called Golden Horseshoe, you can find the iconic Niagara Falls. Journey behind the Falls, take cruises within the misty waters, ride in a whirlpool aero car, and explore the streets of Clifton Hill. Besides the waterfalls, this city has some adventurous destinations for an exhilarating experience like the Skylon Tower, and the Butterfly Conservatory. 

A little further out (but well worth the drive or train ride) is Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Ottawa is home to the National Gallery of Canada and Parliament Hill. For those who love history and politics, this city is a must. It offers a wide selection of museums such as the Canadian Museum of History, Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, Bank of Canada Museum, Canadian War Museum, and many more! 

Hold on Beliebers, we didn’t forget you. Lovers of art, music, and theatre need to explore Stratford. Visit Shakespearean Gardens, Stratford Perth Museum, Gallery Stratford, Agora Gallery, Upper Queen’s Park, Gallery Indigena Inc, and many others. Stratford Festival, North America’s largest classical repertory theatre company, hosts dozens of productions. Book your tickets and get ready to explore this wonderful city. 

If you’re looking for a casual getaway with your boo, then Waterloo is close to you. The city of Waterloo has St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market & Flea, THEMUSEUM, Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Waterloo Central Railway, and an Earth Sciences Museum. The city is also home to the University of Waterloo. 

During unprecedented times, travelling may be limited, but shouldn’t be taken away from you. Being a hodophile, globetrotter, travel-buff, roadie, and a wayfarer is about exploring new locations and learning about yourself. Be sure to map out your destinations, book in advance, and stay safe. Most of all, have fun and enjoy some of the greatest cities in Ont.