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Who among us hasn’t relied on escapism at least once over the past year and a half? Whether it was perfecting our islands in Animal Crossing, or re-watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, our geeky escapades have kept us afloat during a period of time that has felt a little more 1984 and a little less Hogwarts.

Interrobang’s Geek issue has been a recurring theme for years, but one that has fallen to the way - side in recent volumes. But in that time, the landscape of geekiness has shifted irreversibly. Nerds are now the stars of their own Twitch streams, the socially awkward are celebrated on TikTok, and even the most well-adjusted have taken to video games like Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros. as a way to blow off steam when options for doing so were scarce.

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But this issue looks beyond gaming and movies, and explores other obsessions that many of us “geek out” over. Thanks to the internet, there is a niche for almost everyone, from make-up geeks to travel junkies. While these geeks don’t represent our common understanding of the nerd, their passion and joy for the topics they love fit perfectly into the shared experiences of nerdy fan bases around the world. Move over Comic-Con, today, fans of just about anything can convene at Anime Expo, VidCon, the International Make-up Artists Trade Show, and even Lin-Con, a convention for Abraham Lincoln admirers.

In times of stress, unbridled passion for the things that bring us happiness is a rebellion. As the saying goes, “let people enjoy things!”

And, may you enjoy reading this issue.


Hannah Theodore

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