Welcome to the first print edition of Interrobang for the 2021-22 school year!

Our Orientation issue is all about getting you reacquainted with Fanshawe College, Western University, and the London community overall.

Roughly 18 months ago, many returning students will remember the email that stopped college activities in their tracks. We packed up our books and equipment and retreated to our homes to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, the socially distanced, remote learning format of the 2020-21 school year was their first introduction to post-secondary education. For others, it was an unexpected end to their studies.

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To those who are returning to school this year, welcome back! Both Fanshawe and Western are working harder than ever to give you all the experiences you missed last year. And, for those of you just beginning your post-secondary journey, may this newspaper be your guide to all you need to know about student life. 

In times of uncertainty that feel never-ending, words can be our most powerful tool. For remembrance of all we could and could not do, for opening our minds to the experiences of others, and for finding hope when hope feels hard to find; our stories connect us, inspire us, and prepare us. That is our goal with this issue, and for every issue of Interrobang you see this year.

No matter how you’re beginning this journey, our Orientation issue provides every detail you need to start calling campus home. From dorm packing tips to mental health resources, we’ve got you covered. We can’t wait to see you.


Hannah Theodore

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