Discover London's best trails

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SAVANNAH BISAILLON
The Kilally Meadows trails are just some of the many outdoor trails London has to offer.

With the nicer weather approaching, that means people will want to get outside more and enjoy the weather. There are a few hiking trails in London that allow you to get outside and enjoy nature at a safe social distance. 

London has some of the best attractions and trails to see. There are a number of trails to explore and with the app AllTrails, it makes finding trails near you a lot easier. With AllTrails, you can find all the trails listed in your area,  how deep the trek is, and how many estimated hours the trail will take you to complete.

Some of the most visited trails in London include the Fanshawe Conservation Area, Kilally Meadows and Longwoods Conservation Area. One of my personal favourites is Kilally Meadows. The trail itself is absolutely beautiful and is about a 7.5km hike. When first entering the trail, I saw a beautiful bridge looking over a watered area.

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The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and each part of the trail is a great photo opportunity. The layout of the trail makes it easy for you to keep a safe social distance from everyone else as there are multiple paths to follow.

With the scenery and the sound of animals in nature, it is definitely a mindfulness experience. Words cannot describe how beautiful the great outdoors really is.

Sometimes as humans we forget to take time to go exploring, especially now in these unprecedented times. It is important to get out and get some fresh air. I have been in London for three years now and I am just learning about places to see.

With the app AllTrails, you are able to find the perfect trail for your preferred activity. The app gives you the best recommendations for hiking, mountain biking, trail running and more. Kilally Meadows is perfect for hiking if you are not into any of those activities.

Just taking time to explore what the city has to offer and getting outside to enjoy the outdoors is amazing. Nowadays we spend a lot of time working in front of a screen and don’t really get enough time to get out and explore, but knowing there are trails to visit will change that.

If you are a nature lover, I highly recommend going out and checking out some of these trails and conservation areas.  The sites are absolutely breathtaking. Bring some water or pack a nice little picnic and just get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

With the nicer weather, I am so excited to get out more and explore more trails, now that I know there are many trails and conservation areas that I can go to. The app AllTrails even gives you full details about the trail you are hiking on. The app has a map, the weather, and photos of the trails before you go exploring. AllTrails makes planning your hike a whole lot easier. Now that I know of the app, I am excited to start using it more often to plan out my hikes. Overall London has some exceptional sites to see.

If you are a person who enjoys physical activity or even a person who just likes a great photo opportunity, there is a trail for everyone. Grab your friends or just go on your own and explore what the city has to offer. Just let yourself be one in nature.