FSU Election candidates

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FSU President

Naznin Akter

Naznin Akter

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Hi Falcons,

Hope you all are doing well. I am Naznin Akter running for FSU Election 2021 as a president. I am pursuing PG certificate in Fire Safety Systems and currently in Level 2. I have been involved with FSU as a director since May 2020 and looking forward to serve the FSU and students as a president for next academic year.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my vision with the focused purpose to bring betterment for the students and ensuring their voices are heard and acted upon. During this hard time around the world I would be like to be a reason to bring difference and help the falcon family. Few of the responsibilities as a FSU president are to negotiate student fees, implement effective communication systems internally and externally, coordinate with communities with Fanshawe College and many more. Ensuring to be a responsible FSU member and doing my duties to bring the best for our students.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

A quote by Warren Bennis says a leader is one who will make the vision become reality so that we all win from within. So falcons, take your chance to choose your leader!

Ricardo Souza

Ricardo Souza

Hello Fanshawe mates, my name is Ricardo Souza and I am running to be your next FSU President. My background is in Social Communication and Linguistics, and this term I am concluding the Human Resources Program at Fanshawe. Being experienced in Corporate Communications I was able to raise many employees’ voices in the past and now I have the opportunity to do the same to you here at Fanshawe, by raising students’ voices.

From my day one at Fanshawe, I have been a volunteer and embraced amazing projects such as the International Week, Fanshawe Friends, and the InSpire Mentoring. Besides, I have honourably and successfully assumed the Communications and Student Advocacy Coordinator position at FSU, which has given me even more energy and expertise to make a difference and keep advocating on behalf of students.

This year we will need to find ways to re-establish and reconnect as a group. Here is what I believe we should focus on:
  • Strengthen initiatives targeting the job market and employability.
  • As soon as allowed, resume face-to-face and hybrid events and activities that bring us closer and benefit students.
  • Continue to strengthen the college’s multiculturalism and diversity by encouraging more active political participation by students.
  • Adhere an open-door management to listen to students regularly.
I know it has been a difficult year, we are all the time connected to a device, but we have never felt so isolated. It is time to unify our voices again and I hope to count on your support.

It is time to reconnect!

FSU Director candidates

Sana Abidi

Sana Abidi

Hey everyone! I am Sana Abidi, running for the position of FSU Director. I am a Level 2 student of Business Management program and currently a Class Representative. I am passionate about helping people and volunteering for social causes. I believe that the point of goals isn’t to achieve them, it is what we become when we are working towards it.

Back in college, I have worked for several consultancies and non-profit organizations and honed my strategic thinking and problem solving skills. Empathy and compassion towards people came to me intrinsically and I became a “people’s person”.

By being elected as a Director in FSU, I will ensure that every feedback, suggestion and concern reach the office in order to make every Falcon’s college years fulfilling and the best years of their lives.

Thank you!

Dany Joshua Bilapati

Dany Joshua Bilapati

Hello Fanshawe!

I am Dany Joshua B, a Commerce graduate having 3 Years of professional experience as an Analyst - Digital Operations at Cognizant Technology Solutions (India). Currently in the second semester of Business Management Program.

I was actively involved in various volunteering activities conducted by Cognizant through an initiative called ‘Cognizant Outreach’ which Is inspired by the commitment to alleviating disparities in educational access and equity, and better preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities in a competitive world.

I like to take initiatives and serve people, and I feel this position of FSU-Director, for sure is a great opportunity for me to interact with students and a platform to address their concerns.

‘The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first’ - lyanla Vanzant

Dany Joshua B



Bradley Gerard Okelly

Bradley Gerard Okelly

My name is Bradley Gerard Okelly, I come from a small minority of people in India called ‘Anglo Indians’ which means Foreign descendants. During the 18th century many British and Europeans migrated to India seeking new ventures during the ‘British East India Company’. My great grand father was from Belfast Ireland, a spice trader by profession, he decided to settle down in India and began his generation in this prosperous land. I would like to consider myself a perfect mix as I was born and raised on country music and speak English as my mother tongue, I also embrace the Indian ethics, the rich traditional culture and mouth-watering cuisines.

I completed my Mechanical Engineering in 2018 and further pursued a career in the engineering field for a year, after which I decided to continue my higher education. Thus, completing my post graduate diploma in International Business Management at Fanshawe during the winter intake of 2020 and now I am currently pursing Project Management. I work part time at the London Police Reporting Center as a collision counsellor.

I am applying for the FSU Directors position for the upcoming elections as I believe I have the necessary skills and the knowledge which I have enhanced during my previous experiences. I humbly request my fellow students to support me on this journey.

Siddharth Patel

Siddharth Patel

Hello All, this is Siddharth Patel running for the position of Director. I’m currently enrolled in the business management course and presently acting as the class representative. By holding up the position of a director I’d want that the suggestions and ideas of my fellow Falcons is heard. We’ll together be hungry, be foolish towards achieving our goals.

Talking about myself and the leader roles I’ve held before are that I’ve been my school academic captain and the captain of my school cricket and football team as well. I’ve also seized the second position in my master’s degree course. Other than that, my hobbies are reading books, singing and watching Naruto in my free time; and yes, to be Hokage is the dream (for all the Naruto fans out there).

About my personality, based on an MBTI assessment I was assessed as an INFJ (introvert, intuitive, feeling and judging) which is as same as of Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey although I’m nothing in front of them but a man starts from somewhere, right? By the way, Nicole Kidman is an INFJ too.

Piling it up, all I’d like to say about me is I like to be the good that I want to see in the world. Also, I’m good at making valuable friends being a good listener.

Thank You!

Franck Albert Sigah

Franck Albert Sigah

Hi friends, I am Franck Albert, from Cameroon and I am running for FSU Director for 2021-2022. Risk and HR Manager Graduate, I am relatively new in Canada currently pursuing my second semester in Business Management. Little managerial experience and decision making skills, I am a lifelong humanitarian.

I believe that the strongest organizations are those in which employees are connected- to each other and their work. My role is to make Fanshawe a better place with my awesome team and advocate for the students needs and wants, making a huge difference when it comes to making and forming decisions. I am looking forward to being exposed to new experiences that I have not had the opportunity to explore so far in my career.

My goal is to advocate for the students in need. I want to be their voice, especially in these unprecedented times. This year has been challenging and many students I am sure that they will need a hand of support. I also would like to voice out for the students who are a bit shy and not confident in voicing out their doubts and opinions. I love soccer.

Vatsal Prakashbhai Tripathi

Vatsal Prakashbhai Tripathi

Hi Falcons, feeling pleased to get the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Vatsal Prakashbhai Tripathi, I am from the Eastern part of India and Studying the Software and Information System Testing Level-1( School of Information and Technology). Being an FSU Director, I will sure that each and every student will be guided and aware of the updates and news. As well as will be the voice for them and support for them during their hard times.

Thanks and Regards,

Vatsal Tripathi

Board of Directors

Tom Hutchison Hounsell

Tom Hutchison Hounsell

In 2019, as a brand-new student at Fanshawe, Tom brought a fresh perspective alongside an aspiring and eager attitude to the College. Now he has two years of experience on the Board of Governors and has the knowledge and ambition to push the college in the right direction. Striving to improve the student experience at every level, he is an active member in the student union and brings his board expertise to assist and advise student union leadership in addition to his board responsibilities. He is currently completing his Architectural Technology advanced diploma in the School of Building Technology.

Tom believes in improved communication with students and the continued expansion and improvement of the tools and services available to all students. He is keen on exploring opportunities for change, not only through his position on the Board of Governors, but also through active communication throughout Fanshawe. He is currently working closely with the Board of Directors to bring about fundamental change that will improve the structure of student participation and understanding of their role in the union. He hopes that through the year of 21/22 he will be able to help the new board of directors to understand their roles and help to guide them in enacting real systemic change within the student union for the betterment of students across the college.

In his free time Tom enjoys a wide variety of hobbies. His true passion, however, is for new experiences, further expanding his ever-growing list of interests. These have recently included music theory, game design, woodworking, ink painting, home-brewing, tabletop gaming and photography.

Lakshmi Sai Gurram

Lakshmi Sai Gurram

Greetings Fanshawe!

I am Gurram Lakshmi Sai, a Business Management student and your candidate for Board of Governors of FSU for this term.

I am a Registered Pharmacist in India. My half-a-decade of tenure in both corporate and retail businesses environments was a life-time experience. Bridging gaps in organizations and creating a growth attitude interests me. I am a career advisor and a life coach. Apart from English, I can also speak four South-Indian languages namely Telugu (Native), Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. I believe that country-specific cuisine and language are the best gateways to know richness of any culture. Canada is a great place to try vibrant flavors of food and to live in, as it welcomes cultures from across the world. I served several positions such as an Active member, Director of Program Management, Vice President of Training and Development in Junior Chamber International (India Chapter), which enabled me in serving several parent and sister organizations at each level. Launching our student magazine in college during my graduation was the most blissful moment of my life. I am thankful and always indebted FSU, my Professors, Program Coordinator, Academic Advisor and fellow students (to-be Managers) for this opportunity to unlock and unleash my un-tapped potential.

My objective is to help every student transform from butterfly to better fly.

Thankyou for the love and support.

Lakshmi Sai Gurram


+1 (226) 559 9337

Also running for the Board of Governors position is Vaishvik U. Desai