You may feel restless and eager to socialize but you are better off staying put and relaxing. Keep the peace, and focus on physical health. Changes going on at school will leave you feeling uncertain. Don’t let your emotions lead to an impulsive decision when stability is what’s required. Using your charm to get what you want is essential. Emotional ups and downs will keep you on your toes.


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Think twice before you jump into action. A snap decision will lead to second-guessing your motives. Don’t take risks with your health or your emotional well-being. A challenge will spark your interest. Concentrate on doing your best and you will outdo anyone who tries to compete with you. Make suggestions, and you will attract attention as well as the help you require to get things done.


You may crave change but before you step into an unfamiliar situation, consider the motives and logic behind your actions. Be smart regarding health, love and socialization. Make adjustments at home to make your life better without going over budget. An emotional situation will surface if you haven’t been honest with someone close to you. If you want to gain respect, you will have to be upfront regarding what you want and why.


If you want to share your thoughts and feelings choose your words carefully. Leaving someone with the wrong impression will end up causing more trouble than anticipated. Focus on how to make the most with what you’ve got. Use your charm and talents to help coax others to see and do things your way. You can make a strategic move if you work in conjunction with someone heading down the same path.


Take care of situations that can affect your reputation. Moderation will be your ticket to a better life. Inconsistency will be troubling and the result will deter you from reaching your goal. Take a moment to collect your thoughts before you forge ahead. Look over your relationships with friends, relatives and peers and consider if you need to make adjustments. The changes that others make will determine who is an ally.


Do what you can to help others but don’t leave yourself in a vulnerable position. An argument will escalate into a situation that requires damage control. Weigh the pros and cons. Educational pursuits and physical activity are favoured. Participate, but don’t take risks with your health and well-being. Take the initiative, lay out your plan of attack and make the changes you find most rewarding.


Take a moment to recap your ideas, plans and motives. It’s essential to understand the gravity of a move you want to make before you jump into action. You’ll attract attention on but before you decide to share too much information regarding your plans, listen to what others have to say. Joint ventures aren’t a good idea. Revisit money matters, contracts and concerns you have regarding your domestic situation.


Listen and learn. The information you gather will help you determine what you need to do next to bring about positive change. Size up a relationship you have with someone you live with and do whatever it takes to avoid an emotional dispute. Build trust, not conflict. Be imaginative and you will connect the dots and come up with a plan that will encourage positive change in your life. Knowledge is power.


The past will help you decipher what you should do next. Engage in talks with others, and uncanny insight into what you should do will transpire. Put your intelligence to work for you, and you’ll develop a plan that will help stabilize your life. You’ll be faced with a dilemma if you let your emotions take over and you listen to someone who is using manipulation to coerce you into doing something you shouldn’t.


You’ll have more options than you realize but if you waffle, your timing will be off, and you are likely to make a judgment call that lacks value. Put your effort into learning and gathering information to help you understand what’s going on around you. Having a broader scope of what you are up against will determine how successful you become. You’ll be in a much better position to wheel and deal and motivate others to see things your way.


You’ll encounter something that intrigues. Before you decide to leap into action, do your homework and find out if it’s worthwhile. You may feel like making a personal or physical change but consider the consequences that might unfold. Intelligence will be required to sort out what price is worth paying for something that isn’t necessary. Rely on experience to help you decide how best to handle a relationship.

Pisces Opportunities will arise if you get in touch with someone you have collaborated with in the past. Old ideas will come to mind, and an updated twist will be ripe for review and reuse. Put more energy into whatever you do. Your performance will make a difference in the results you are striving to achieve. Don’t let an emotional situation stand between you and your success.