Book-lovers assemble

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: SALMA HUSSEIN
Nothing de-stresses the soul like a good book that offers boundless pages of pure imagination to discover.

Before there was life-changing moving pictures, books were the source of entertainment that could bring solace on a rainy day.

Nowadays, opening a book is only required in the English classroom, and outside of there, optional. This is a sad truth that belongs to the youth of this generation, and a reality that needs major altering. The joys of cuddling up with a good book is one that people should have the fortune of experiencing. What is a better way to leave the worries of the world, and the source of all your stresses, then to go to an alternate universe in the pages of fantastical imagination?

In the theme of geek, nothing speaks quirkier than suddenly laughing at a witty comment the hero or heroine of the book made or crying precisely two minutes later because the best character dies dramatically as a heart wrenching sacrifice to save the world. That my friends is the thrill you get when you open the sacred pages of a good book.

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If my words have yet to convince you of the greatness that awaits you in the world of literature, then maybe if you read some more of my words, I can have you reading a book in no time at all.

1. The best kind of snuggling

They say that the best cuddle partner is a human, but contrary to the common belief, I like to think that the pages of a good book between your fingers under the fluffiest blanket is a much better companion. I say this with complete confidence and experience. The comforts of a good book make the best parts of the worst of your days. So, the next time you feel like you need something to snuggle with when you’ve had a snail day, consider the thrill of turning the pages of a good book.

2. A fictitious world

Sometimes it’s good to leave our earthly concerns behind and delve into a world full of fantasy and completely unrealistic imaginations that will relieve you of any worldly ties. There are various genres you can get your hands on, fantasy (definitely my favourite), sci-fi, romance, paranormal, and so much more that you can choose from to have as your choice for a world to step into whenever your heart desires.

3. Stress no more

The stresses of the world are continuous and unfortunately will be evermore as long as we live and breathe. But I have a piece of solace that can bring comfort to the disastrous truth that we call our reality: books can be the cure to all stresses, even if just momentarily. As you flip through the pages of the next biggest adventure that awaits you in the golden pages of the best book on your shelf, you will forget even the most daunting of stresses that burdens your mind.

4. It makes you smarter. What?!

Oh yes, when you open a book and read its words, knowledge is the only thing that you could gain. I never believed my teachers, mostly because it took so much effort to read the complicated words. However, bit by bit, I grew accustomed to the complex words, and complex words became part of my day to day vocabulary.

After reading every book that gathered dust on my shelves, never having been touched, I aced all my essays the following year after that summer filled with literature and glorious reads. So, yes, books do provide the greatest source of knowledge that ever graced our world.

5. Bring out the emotions

If you had a bad day and just need a good laugh, then the pages that store witty and humorous heroines await you on the shelves of libraries and book thrift shops that are abundant in our city. And maybe you need a good cry, there are many gutting tragedies that need to be read, and I assure you tears will spill on command.

So, if you crave for your emotions to be spilled and touched on another level, only the best stories could make you feel every feeling at once.

The endless delights that the pages of books can offer a person is astonishing and a relief to our hearts, knowing that whenever we choose to leave the world we live in, a book will always be present to entrap us in its boundless imagination. Even if you have never experienced the delights of a good book, as the old saying goes, it is never too late to start.