Saveria grateful for American Idol opportunity

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: PROVIDED BY SAVERIA
Saveria said she is grateful for being able to audition on American Idol, and for the support of her fans.

Previous CTV’s The Launch winner Saveria is thankful for the support of her fans after auditioning for American Idol.

Saveria’s American Idol audition aired on Feb. 16, where she performed “Tell Me This Is Real,” an original song from her band Daytrip. She earned a “yes” from American Idol judge Katy Perry, but fellow Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan said “no” and she did not advance to the next round.

Many people expressed their support for Saveria on social media, with the hashtag #JusticeFor- Saveria trending on Twitter.

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“Honestly, I was in disbelief over how many people were commenting — like just on YouTube and on Facebook and even DMing [direct messaging] me on Instagram,” Saveria told Interrobang, adding some people expressed shock over the result of her audition and said they were boycotting American Idol, while others said they wanted to check out more of her music.

Local musicians like Sarina Haggarty and Sum-01 cheered for her. American Idol alumni like winners Carrie Underwood and Maddie Poppe and season 14 runner-up Clark Beckham also showed their support and said she should’ve made it through. On Twitter, Perry tweeted “@saveriamusic I STILL THINK THEY WERE WRONG. HOW BOUT THAT! #AmericanIdol” and Underwood replied “I agree with you.”

Perry and Underwood are two of Saveria’s favourite artists growing up, so she felt grateful they were on her side.

“Even being Canadian and being on a show like this, it’s crazy. It was the first year that they were accepting Canadians and I feel like I’m probably — I’m definitely the only one in London that had this chance,” she said. “I feel incredibly lucky and just grateful that people are starting to notice my dreams and the things I’ve been working hard for, for a really long time.”

Saveria explained the TV show, who kept the recruitment quiet for this year, did not hold auditions in Canada. Rather, the team scouted musicians across Canada via word of mouth. The music industry arts (MIA) alumna from Fanshawe College got on the show because a friend of a friend knew someone scouting in Los Angeles for Canadian musicians.

Her song “Pity,” released in October 2019, also gained lots of traction because of American Idol.

When Interrobang interviewed Saveria about the single prior to its release, she planned to either put out an album or an EP. Now, she’ll be releasing new singles one at a time. She explained that since she works a regular job on top of being a musician, releasing one new song at a time is a more cost-effective way to keep fans tuned in and to showcase her different sides as an artist.

“A lot of my music reflects a lot of different inspirations of mine. If I put out a song that I’m really, really vibing and I’m like ‘This song, I love it so much,’ and people love it too, I know what direction I should go into for my next single,” she said. “But if it’s not the biggest hit, you know what I mean? People maybe thought my single before was even better. It’s like ‘OK. I can learn from this. I can learn that my audience needs to go into this direction a little bit more.”

Saveria hopes to release another single in the near future because a lot of people who discovered her from American Idol crave more tunes. She’ also been working with Fancey, a side-project of The New Pornographers’ bassist Todd Fancey.

“I’m doing some songs for them and they were like ‘Woah. We don’t want you to just do backup vocals. We think you would be awesome on a lead song for the side project,” Saveria said. “They were like ‘We want you to do three leads on this new album for Fancey,’ and I was like ‘Are you kidding me? This is dope. I’m very willing to do that.”

You can listen to “Tell Me This Is Real” and other music by Saveria on Spotify.