Splash'N Boots starting kids' Big Heart Journey

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Splash'N Boots returns to London for their Jingle Boots - The Big Heart Holiday Show at Wolf Performance Hall on Dec. 19.

A Juno Award-winning children’s music duo will be making a splash in London as part of their Jingle Boots – The Big Heart Holiday Show.

Splash’N Boots will return to the Forest City for their Dec. 19 show at the Wolf Performance Hall, one of seven holiday shows as part of be their third annual holiday tour. Taes Leavitt (Boots) said the set list will be a mix of holiday songs, Splash’N Boots Classics, and some new songs from their latest album The Big Heart Journey.

“We always like to add new material every time we visit,” said Nick Adams (Splash). “London is such a special spot for us too, because we tend to go there at least once a year with our tour.”

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A press release from Indoor Recess said The Big Heart Journey features 30 guided made-for-kids meditations known as “Heart Hugs”. The mediations encourage dancing, movement, and enthusiasm to help kids become more loving and caring individuals in touch with their own emotions and those of others.

Leavitt said that she and Adams were inspired to make the album to help because they met families and received emails from parents with children struggling to cope with situations in life like being bullied.

“We’ve just been trying to figure out what we can do that might make a lasting impact on their lives,” she said. “The Big Heart Journey came out of a desire to provide families with hands-on activities that they can use to work through feelings and just really make sure that kids feel safe and feel loved.”

Leavitt also said that teaching kids coping skills early on is an important part of life.

“I think it can potentially make a big difference in how they deal with being bullied [and] how they relate to other people and to themselves.”

Before The Big Heart Journey, the duo released 12 original albums since their inception and received the 2019 Juno Award for Children’s Album of the Year for You, Me and the Sea, which Alan Doyle of the Great Big Sea co-wrote and produced. Splash’N Boots also earned five Children’s Album of the Year Juno nominations between 2014 and 2018.

Adams grew up in Thorndale, which is nearby London, so he was happy with the win and with the 2019 Junos being in the Forest City.

“London knows how to throw a great party so we had a lot of fun.”

Splash’N Boots is searching for a Big Heart Winner for their London show.

“We’re looking for people who could use a little bit of extra love and support and also people who are doing amazing things in their community,” Leavitt said.

To enter, visit the Splash’N Boots Facebook page and write why your nominee should win the Big Heart Award, tag Splash’N Boots, and hashtag #bigheart.

After the Jingle Boots Tour, Splash’N Boots will continue working on their collaborative album and start filming in January 2020.

Visit splashnboots.com/on-tour-upcoming for more information about Jingle Boots and to purchase tickets.