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FSU President

Brown, Julia

Julia Brown (FSU Presidential candidate)

Hi Fanshawe,

My name is Julia Brown and I am in my second year in the Business-Finance program here at Fanshawe College. Before coming to Fanshawe, I spent four years working for the government in the education sector familiarizing myself with our dear friend OSAP and other social policies that impact students.

Last September, I packed up my apartment in Toronto and made the jump to London to go back to school. The FSU’s programming and sense of community was amazing as I started a new chapter in a new city. I met new friends, participated in amazing events, and was able to access critical services when I really needed them. This is what led me to apply for Finance Coordinator at the Fanshawe Student Union at the end of last year; I wanted to help others create a great school experience too. I’ve had this role since last May and in July took over the role of Acting President.

I know the FSU and college well and am committed to turning it into a fantastic experience for all students who walk through these doors. I want to do this through a new and improved Red Squad, more programming at ALL London campuses, and better access to online resources such as budgeting tools and volunteer opportunities.

On October 7-10th, I hope I can count on your support. Let’s make this year Falcon Awesome!

Clements, Ben

Ben Clements (FSU Presidential candidate)

My name is Benjamine Clements, I was born and raised in London, Ontario.  I have always admired Fanshawe College and am proud that Fanshawe serves my hometown community.  My life experiences have granted me skills ideally suited for this position. I have proven communication skills, and I am an effective student, leader and motivator.  I have experience in several occupations – from military service to administration to skilled manual trades. As a result, I am understanding and flexible while working in fast paced environments.

After becoming a young father and finishing college in Police Foundations, I joined the Canadian Forces and started a promising career with hopes to further my education. After several years of service, and some entrepreneurial and workforce experience in between, I have reached my goal and am attending Fanshawe college in order to eventually receive a Degree in Human Resources.  In turn, this will help me to reach my ultimate goal of serving my community once again.

I look forward to reaching my full potential by utilizing my skills and life experiences to  serve this union and be an example to others.   I look forward to gaining the opportunity to prove myself a valuable asset to our Fanshawe Student Union. I greatly value professional integrity, creativity, and honesty. Fanshawe College has the ideals that I want to work for continuously, and it would be my privilege to become a part of this community and culture as your President working towards our goals and being accountable to you!

Meunier, Amanda

Amanda Meunier (FSU Presidential candidate)

Greetings Fanshawe!

My name is Amanda Meunier and I am one of your presidential candidates for the upcoming by-election here at the college. Currently, I am studying in the Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant Diploma program and have obtained previous education both here and at Western University.  In my spare time, you can find me painting, drawing or exploring the outdoors.

I chose to participate in this election with hopes of leading students with a creative, honest and open mind. I have a vast experience volunteering with youth and adolescents and within the health care sector. It is important to me that students enjoy their schooling beyond their books, and that all wellness needs are met consistently throughout the year. 

If elected, my goals for this year include facilitating better communication between students and the union, continuing to reinforce mental health resources, and to encourage more interaction with our local community and that of our students beyond Fanshawe.

Nanneti, Keren

Keren Nanneti (FSU Presidential candidate)

A leader is not the one who leads, but who takes everyone along.

Hey Fanshawe!

My name is Keren Nanneti, a Business Analysis student at Fanshawe. I am so excited to be nominated as one of your Presidential Candidates for this year.

I am a person driven with passion in everything I do; to help those around me. What better platform than FSU that could make this possible! My focus this year is to serve you, by creating access to the millions of opportunities around you. My goal is that when you graduate, you are ready to face the world.

I know that most of you are concerned about finding a job during your courses and after graduation. My agenda is to help you get involved in volunteering initiatives with companies related to your career path and conduct Alumni workshops to enable a hassle-free school to work transition. I will make the world upside-down if need be to achieve your purpose.

Let’s get started building this dream together!

Snap to Change. I AM KEREN and I Love you 3000!

FSU Director

Barabash, Karyna

Karyna Barabash (FSU Director candidate)

Hello Fanshawe! My name is Karyna Barabash. I am running for a position on the Board of Directors. I am enrolled in the last year of the Business-Finance Diploma program. Being an active Red Squad Volunteer has given me an opportunity to get to know more about students and the social life of the college.

The college years are the most exciting time in our lives. As a matter of fact, I consider Fanshawe as a home away from home. That’s why I want to help students to receive the best experience that is possible. I would like to highlight a few of my plans of improving student life:
  • Make the Class Representative program and FSU Red Squad more effective
  • Expand library hours of operation
  • Create the survey about what you would like to change in college
  • Change the student schedule to make it more flexible for the student’s lifestyle
  • Create more multicultural events
  • Provide more food courts with healthy food
  • Make the Tim Horton’s rewards program available at college
Change is the order of the day and therefore I want to initiate one by being the face of change!

Barishaki, Mercy Paula

Mercy Paula Barishaki (FSU Director candidate)

Hi there! My name is Mercy Paula Barishaki and I am currently taking Insurance and Risk Management in the School of Business. I am running for the Director of the Student Union position and my vision is to see a thriving student community in this institution.

The past year I have spent at Fanshawe has allowed me to experience a diverse and vibrant community through all the interesting people I have met here. Being your Director will be an opportunity for me to serve this community and voice each of your views. I have learnt about the school systems and operations and as your Director, I will not only be a medium of communication between the students and the college administrators but ensure that the student needs are properly addressed. I am currently serving as Class Representative and I have been involved in different volunteer activities around and outside campus. If elected, I will continue to fight for the things that are important to students and work with you to make our community even better.

Outside of school, I enjoy cycling, trivia, reading books, music, hiking, singing and making friends.

I appreciate your vote for Director

Mercy will go the extra mile.

Chinnappan, Prithvi Kumar

Prithvi Kumar Chinnappan (FSU Director candidate)

I am pleased to announce my decision to run for Fanshawe student union.

It has always been a goal of mine to be involved in the policies of our college. Fanshawe is a wonderful college with much to offer students of all possible comforts. I believe that I have the ability, the temperament and the right attitude to be an effective member of the student union.

I grew up in India and left home at fourteen to pursue my interest in basketball. I retired from playing basketball after 2 years because of an ankle injury, turning my attention to school; earning a degree in Mechanical engineering. After which I worked as an operations head in the Climber. Also had an opportunity to work with United Nations as marketing intern promoting SDG’s. Last year I moved to London as an international student and I quickly fell in love with the community.

There are a broad range of matters that will need to be addressed in the coming months. I look forward to tackling all policy issues in a thoughtful and logical manner. As a mechanical engineer and a supply chain student, I feel that I have critical thinking skills and the ability to provide sound judgment when balancing the needs of the students with the process followed.

I plan on actively using social media to connect with the students but I find that nothing beats face to face discussion. Therefore, I encourage everyone to say “Hi” if you see me around campus.

Lastly, I would like to wish all candidates the best of luck!!

Keloth, Abina Das

Abina Das Keloth (FSU Director candidate)

No bio provided

Akhil Maheshwaram (FSU Director candidate)

Bio not provided.

Mytheen, Buhary

Buhary Mytheen (FSU Director candidate)

Hello Fanshawe,

My name is Buhary Mytheen and I am an International Student. In India I had graduated with an undergrad in Mechanical Engineering. I am back at Fanshawe college to study Carpentry and Renovation Tech. Fanshawe brings me a new opportunity to get a new and strong circle of friends around me. Back home in my college, I worked as a secretary during my graduate study for 2 years. I acquired enough Knowledge and Experience to handle issues among students and I organized a lot of programs in my college to make my college enjoyable and better for my friends. Also, as a Student, I understand all the tasks that my Fanshawe Colleagues may face in their student life. I believe that being the director of Fanshawe student union, I can serve my friends and Fanshawe family with better service to have a bright student life everywhere. It would be an honor to assist and study in Fanshawe college. So, I request the students to give me this chance to be the best director of Fanshawe college.

Let’s Fly Together and Be Kind To One Another.

Thank You,Buhary Mytheen

Joseph-David Panth (FSU Director candidate)

Bio not provided.

Perincheeri, Hafil

Hafil Perincheeri (FSU Director candidate)

Hey falcons,

I am HAFIL PERINCHEERI, civil engineering graduate currently pursuing construction project management in Fanshawe. My strong passion for being a helping hand has driven me to represent all falcons as an FSU director. Looking back, I served as a secretary of the student union for 2 years in my previous college. I enjoyed taking up initiatives and responsibilities during my tenure. I acquired enough knowledge and experience to handle issues among students and tackle them rightfully. Being a falcon I truly understand all my responsibilities to our fellow falcons student life issues. I consider this a great honour to represent and assist my friends. So here I am requesting each one of you to show me some love for serving you as director for Fanshawe student union and remember that ' A vote for me is a Vote for YOU '.

Mohan, Aravind

Aravind Mohan (FSU Director candidate)

Hi Fanshawe Family,

I am Aravind Mohan, currently pursuing my second semester in Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering. I am running for the Director in the Fanshawe Students Union Election.

During my schooling days in India and Abu-Dhabi, I had the opportunity to work with the student bodies, serving as the Head Boy at both these institutions, organizing a plethora of cultural and technical events. This experience has provided me with ample courage to tackle hurdles and hardships. Furthermore, I was an active member of the volunteering group associated with providing necessities to backward ethnic communities across our state, which helped me as a person to acknowledge varied requirements of different societies.

Even though I have been here only for a few months, I have witnessed the involvement of our Students Union for the betterment of students, be it the assistance offered to international Students or the events they organize. This leads me to volunteer for some past events and those experiences were remarkable. Which in turn, motivated me to run for the Director Position so that I will be able to provide even more services to my fellow Falcons.

My vision includes gaining the attention of the top management to provide more focus and funds for on-campus hiring which would help to attract more firms to hire accomplished students for both full time and part-time positions. Also, I would ensure that the hurdles and hardships to claim scholarships and bursaries are drastically reduced. Moreover, I assure that there will be more entertaining events around the corner every week. It would be my privilege to serve my colleagues and friends by contributing to the best of my ability for which I ask for the support of every Falcon.

Thank You

Aravind Mohan

Seliverstova, Kate

Kate Seliverstova (FSU Director candidate)

No bio provided

Thakur, Katyayini

Katyayini Thakur (FSU Director candidate)

Name: Dr. Katyayini Thakur

Program: Health Systems Management, Fanshawe College

Hobbies: Travelling, watching movies, gyming, hiking, learning new languages

Hey there!

How’s it going? I’m running for the position of Director in the upcoming FSU elections. I am passionate about serving people and like to stay actively involved in the community. I believe I could make a difference!

A little bit about myself- Born and brought up in New Delhi, India but natively from Himachal, I’m a general physician by profession. I went to medical school in China, where I was elected as the Cultural President, AHMU (2010-2011). Caring about people is a part of who I am.

Given the chance to serve, I would dedicate my heart and soul into providing each and every one of you a fun and meaningful student experience here at Fanshawe.

Hope to get your support!

I care,

Dr. Katyayini Thakur